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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



BOA ate Countrywide yesterday - WOW!I remember when BOA ate Nations BankI remember when my favorite, local small bank Capital Bank and Trust (who said they would NEVER sell out) was eaten by Renasant Bank.I think all companies everywhere might just be a "division" of one megalithic corporation.YI...
A few days ago, my wife stopped for a brief visit in my office. She was passing through having collected some apparently DEAD plants from elsewhere in the office. We visited for a few minutes, and then she left ... leaving one very pathetic looking plant sitting on the edge of my desk. I saw this...
Today, I met with one of our TOP agents. She is a consistent $10 Million producer with the goal to DOUBLE her volume in 2008. She has plugged into the 36:12:3 program, has a business coach, and has completely re-invented her way of doing business. At the end of our first 36:12:3 session, she aske...
Most folks have heard the definition of insanity . . . "Doing the same things and expecting different results."Doing the same thing is COMFORTABLE. This is our personal way. We've worked a LOOONG time creating ourselves, and our make-up is a compilation of our Adaptation of our changing environme...
Does the thought of change put a pit in your stomach?If so, you've probably had a lot of pits in your stomach recently. Truth is - Without change - we'd be pretty darned bored. In the "natural world" change is essential for life to continue. A pond will literally "kill itself" if it does not have...
As I wander along in this incredibly easy yet SO complex business, I completely understand the need for delivering the goods . . . That is . . . Being certain that when I make a commitment to a client (or anyone else while we're at it) I deliver as promised. Sure, we all goof occasionally. My exp...
The December issue of the RealTrends report talks a lot about predictions for the 2008 year. It was not simply the viewpoints of the few writers on staff, but more a "report from the field" from several "Top Execs" with some of the large Regional firms. The article is not  in front of me as I  wr...
OR - Are you moving AWAY from unfulfilling experiences?There's a very distinct difference.Momentum comes from SUSTAINED, POSITIVE ACTION.You can work your fingers to the bone to get away from your debts (Financial and personal) ... to escape unhealthy/unhappy relationships ... To "run from your p...
Usually I am able to pick up on the nuances of the way things work pretty quickly . . . but I just can't seem to get a good grip on the way Localism works . . . Nor have I been able to find the "Operator Instructions" for it. Can someone chime in and let me know how to optimize exposure on Locali...
This morning,I was scanning through the front page of AR and came across THIS POST - Short and to the point - Simply making the observation that an Active Rain presence is a commitment and "Is it worth the time?"As of this writing, there were 61 responses - I think they are all well worth reading...

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Stream of consciousness commentary on the real estate industry from the perspective of a Principal Real Estate Broker and Founder of Pareto REalty, LLC in Middlle Tennessee - Also a Career Development Coach with vast Organizational Development/Transformation training and experience - in the industry since 1993