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I'm havin' a lot of fun these days challenging our associates to go out there and get RADICAL! After all - Whatcha got to lose? What I mean by "RADICAL" is to wake up each morning with a firm commitment to live the day on the edge of your comfort zone . . . Talk to strangers! Be BOLD and visible ...
Over the week-end, I received a comment on one of my blog posts indicating "disappointment in me" of the reader when he discovered that I have been posting prolifically on Active Rain and have received many comments but was not an active public "commenter" on other people's Active Rain blogs. Hmm...
Some thoughts to start your week . . . Ending with a great little video clip. I'm reading Seth Godin's new book "Tribes - We need YOU to lead us" As usual, it's good stuff . . . a few quotes: "People admire the new and stylish" "Partisans want to make a difference . . . want something to happen (...
I've been on a bit of a rampage the past week . . . I figured it was time to turn up the volume a bit, and I know that the real key to optimization boils down to Models, Systems, Tools, and PEOPLE. Seth Godin teaches me a flurry of fresh lessons every day. He can often be somewhat cryptic in his ...
Is the patient breathing? Is there a pulse? How are we going to resuscitate? GET THE CRASH CART! CLEAR! BAM . . . beep - beep - beep - beep Ah! There IS a pulse . . . hmmm . . . OK! Now, let's focus on bringing this patient to health. When things go quiet in the market, it seems that many agents ...
Have you noticed that many folks are a bit more edgy these days? . . . Less tolerant of dropped balls? I've always been an advocate of the "under-promise and over-deliver" club. In our daily business, we have many opportunities to make promises and either deliver as promised (or better) and emerg...
That 80/20 Principle Rule befuddles me. I had never even heard of it until I got into Real Estate. I know it is not a real estate specific concept. My "business brain" simply awakened around the time I jumped into this business from the military (where it was more difficult for the 80%ers to disa...
Whew! I took a few days away from the blogging world as the kids had a long "Fall Break" Week-end. We frolicked around Middle Tennessee the past 4 days and literally spent most of our time outside . . . I LOVE this Fall Weather! As you are meandering through your days, do you have the sense that ...
If you're not having fun, it's probably because you're not certain of where you are going? If the people around you "Bug" you . . . maybe it's time to move on. If you love what you're doing but aren't reaching a level of success that matches your potential . . . quit doing the same things. Every ...
As I watched those 2 fellas talk about the state of the country and the world last night (The Debate between Senators Obama and McCain), I first made note of the subtle truth that neither one of those guys had any intention of answering the question that was asked. I think if I wandered along in ...

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