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This morning, I was catching up on my reading of "National Geographic." I'm an avid reader because of the breadth of international coverage. I love learning about people's customs and ways of life.A brief article entitled "Unprecedented China" by David Butow (Page 14 Jan 08) caught my eye . . . a...
My good friend and colleague Dortch Oldham sends me a steady flow of great email links and jokes. He and his wife Carol are successful REALTORS here in Nashville, and anyone who knows them knows that they are on this planet to have FUN. It is clear that they both love each other very much, and th...
It's like a dance. Negotiating can be beautiful and apparently effortless . . . or ugly and excruciatingly difficult. There are so many variables and influencing factors not the least of which isĀ "interference" by:The clash of strong personalities between 2 REALTORS wealthy with EGO - None of us ...
As I feverishly worked on the 3 inch stack of paper that had accumulated on my desk the past few weeks wondering if I would EVER make it to the bottom - Seemed like every time I peeled off a layer another shower of paper would replace it . . . That's the life of a Principal Broker some days. The ...
I returned last night from my week-long journey to Denver to Celebrate the life of Betty Sue. The Memorial Service was nothing short of wonderful. The family had decided to go "non-traditional" and had a full hour of "Letters to Betty Sue" with all of her favorite music chiming in periodically . ...

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