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AHA - Gary Keller and Dave Jenks led a great session yesterday morning about the importance of MASTERMINDING . . . and another session in the afternoon for all 8000+ attendees about Gary's VISION for 2008 and beyond. It was difficult for me to shift mental gears and listen fully in ANY other sess...
Wait a minute . . .  Can you REALLY call in sick  for an open house?The ads are all over town. There are at least 15 internet search engine ads. The sign has been in the front yard of the house for a week. There are 24 pointer signs directing traffic to the house from every conceivable direction....
Yesterday, I loaded the car and made the dash from Nashville to Atlanta to attend Keller Williams Realty's annual Family reunion. This is my first time to attend this, and I left home committed to getting the most out of it. Admittedly, I had a bit of trepidation for a variety of reasons. I'll mi...
So you are a successful REALTOR . . . and you have worked diligently to learn and earn the business . . . and you are having FUN . . . and eking out a decent living . . . Your spouse sees you every night and wonders (sometimes out loud) what you REALLY do every day - Because it doesn't seem that ...
Any good Farmer knows that Farming is really very simple, but doesn't always produce a great harvest.All that is needed to produce a good crop is relatively fertile soil, a few simple tools, a good supply of fresh water (Rain or irrigation system), sufficient SUNlight and warmth, and a decent "pr...
I wish I could remember the name of the guy at the Keller Williams Realty Mega Agent camp who introduced the notion of CITO. He made a HUGE deal about the fact that CITO was the KEY to the success of his team - That they had CITO is HUGE letters on the wall . . . and that each member of  the team...
OK - All is well now - We were watching the storm come in and listening to the weather - Tornado alert sirens activated and golf ball sized hail along with 60-80 MPH winds came humming through the neighborhood . .  . We grabbed the kids and headed for the hall . . . I believe it has passed now - ...
Today, we had our monthly Team Meeting. Alice Charron (Our Team Leader) always spices these meetings up with some great content and consistently offers great information for everyone in attendance by creating panels of highly successful agents in the office . . . Today was no exception . . . The ...
I'll never forget hearing a tape from Howard Brinton while riding with my Mentor in the first year of my career (1993). The REALTOR Howard was interviewing had literally pulled up stakes, packed his belongings and moved to a city where he knew NO-ONE. Their analogy was that it was akin to him par...
I was 1/2 way through a coaching appointment today when I had a fairly large AHA. This person had experienced an entrepreneurial seizure about 8 months ago and had joined forces with another agent, and both had launched themselves along a path that was "sure to accelerate their collective busines...

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