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With the way the industry is going, it's becoming more and more difficult to get any type of loan. Credit scores range from 300 to 850, the higher the better. But what if you go to a mortgage broker or bank and they tell you that your credit is to low and they cannot do a mortgage for you. What a...
Hello everyone! Hope all are doing well. I came across this interesting article on cnn.com. I wanted to share it with people. Foreclosures are very worrisome for most companies dealing with mortgages, especially when you hear that some lenders such as Countrywide have 90% of their loans in forecl...
Hello everyone! I just wanted to give everyone an update on my job situation. I have accepted another job with a company known as Baldwin Finance. This is a wonderful company that is customer satisfaction driven and has more opportunities for me to grow. I have updated all my information and just...
With the way the mortgage market has been going, so many people are scared to do anything with their personal mortgages. Not to worry, the market is still strong. Rates are still low and if you have credit problems now is the time to fix them. Just make sure that you are using someone who is very...
I have to admit lately it has been quite difficult in the Indiana market to explain to people why their home values have dropped. "But my home was appraised last year at $200,000 and now it's appraising for $180,000, I don't understand". Well, I'm going to give a little bit of a crash corse in th...
With the market the way it is today, I can say that it has been quite interesting. People selling their homes, desperate to get rid of them are falling into the scene where their homes are coming in less than they were a few years ago. This definately is the buyers market though on the other side...
Good morning everyone! I happened to come across this article on yahoo this morning which may help out some people when it comes to determining whether to refinance or to even buy a home. Looking at this article, it seems like interest rates are going to drop more than they have been lately which...
The dreaded credit report! Every lender, credit card company, school, ect relies on these three little numbers that appear and states this is what your financial status is to us... It can range from only a few points between each credit bureau to a hundred points. But what if we could get some ad...
I have decided to run a promo to see how this works this month. People who call and talk to me about getting a mortgage and follow through with it will receive a FREE APPRAISAL with their transaction. We offer NO CLOSING COST options*! Please refer to this ad and I will assist you with everything...
Good morning everyone! I was reading the news today and came across this topic. I found it very interesting because if I were to purchase a home right now in Indiana, this is problably what I would look for! For first time home buyers this is a great opportunity to get a very affordable home and ...

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