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Dill Salmon I say simple because it can't get any simpler! 1 Pound of Salmon filet 1 tablespoon of dill 1.5 teaspoons of salt Lemon juice   Pre-heat your grill Mix the dill and salt in a small cup or bowl Rub the dill/salt mixture on the salmon (not required on the skin) Grill the salmon for 10-1...
***Newsflash*** For those of you too busy to have watched the game just now: Germany advances to the Final in the European Championship after beating Turkey 3-2 in the Semi-Final. Germany will face the winner of tomorrow's Russia Spain Semi Final match. The European Final (Championship) match wil...
  For anyone who's been watching the floods in the midwest (and that should be everyone), I wonder if you've asked yourself if your homeowner's policy would cover that type of loss?   If you live in North Carolina the answer to that question is NO.  The peril of flood is explicitly EXCLUDED from ...
Nationwide Insurance will be raising their homeowners insurance rates in NC statewide as of August 2008.  Current Nationwide Insurance customers will see their premium increased on their renewal statements.  New or prospective customers will see an increase in their insurance rates for home purch...
It looks like the insurance companies are at it again.  They've requested a 13% increase in auto insurance rates.  The last time they requested such a large increase was in 1994.  The reasons cited were a decrease in the lowering accident rate and increased costs of medical care and car repair.Bu...
Cary is being proactive in addressing the water shortage situation.  Here's information about a new initiative from the Town of Cary website: Cary becomes WaterSense partner     We're proud to announce that we are one of the first municipalities in North Carolina to become a U.S. Environmental Pr...
North Carolina received the letter grade 'F' by a joint project of the Heartland Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute based on the effectiveness of its property and casualty insurance system.Other states receiving F's: Florida, Texas, Massachusetts and California .  Letter grades we...
Recently, the North Carolina Rate Bureau has tried to clarify it's rule regarding verifiable driving experience on an auto insurance policy.  The current rule states that only verifiable U.S., Canada or Puerto Rican driving experience counts towards driving experience.  Otherwise, an inexperience...
We get a lot of phone calls from new arrivals to the U.S. and wanted to put out some information for them about getting auto insurance in the state of North Carolina. Remember, this information is exclusive to the state of North Carolina only.In order to obtain your North Carolina Driver’s Licens...
Effective December 15th, Allstate Insurance is lowering homeowner insurance rates in Wake County, North Carolina.I don't know about other, surrounding counties, but here in Wake County, we will experience around a 15% reduction in rates.  That's good news for everyone in the real estate business ...

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