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Real Estate Investing in the greater Boston, MA Metro and Raleigh NC Metro areas
I guess the cat's out of the bag.The latest data shows Raleigh, NC as the #2 place in the world to live based on the Quality of Life Index according to Other US Cities making the list were Charlotte, NC (#8), Richmond, VA (#17) and San Diego, CA (#18)See the whole list here
In support of International Womens Day, I want to give a shout out for an upcoming charity event I attended last year and plan to this year:Who: SHRM Foundation & Raleigh Metro Society for Human Resource Management (RMSHRM)Why: Support Dress for Success Triangle NC, on a mission to empower women ...
I got called for jury duty today and learned quite a bit about how it works: They start from a pool of about 500k eligible Wake County citizens and a computer chooses 500 potential jurors for each day. Then an algorithm randomly assigns a number to each juror. My number was 83. The day before you...
Although I'm not a property manager, I do rent out the units I own every so often.  This week in particular has been pretty eye opening for me. There must be something up with the market here in Raleigh or perhaps I've stumbled upon a unique opportunity in the rental market.  You know that condo ...
Raleigh Kitchen Remodeling ProjectLately I've been so busy remodeling properties that I forget to get on ActiveRain and post updates.  Here's my most recently completed project in Raleigh, NC. It's a condominium right off the beltline and only a couple minutes drive from NC State and Crabtree Val...
FL] Home Insurance Industry Is Fraught With Risks February 27, 2010, Paige St. John, Sarasota Herald-Tribune [Excerpt]   Millions of Floridians now bet their homes on property insurers that teeter on the edge of financial failure, a Herald-Tribune investigation has found.   These companies look n...
January 26, 2010   The U.S. government Tuesday banned hand-held "texting'' by drivers of large commercial trucks and buses to avoid the danger of distracted driving.   Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement the prohibition takes effect immediately. It follows a similar ban in Dec...
Who would have thunk it? We're finally getting lower auto insurance rates in North Carolina! Yipee!  So is this cause for celebration?  Not really.  The final negotiated rate reduction is 0.5%.  Yep, one half of one percent.  Kind of a downer, huh? So starting with policies renewing November 1st,...
So, you might want to compare the discovery of seedless watermelons with the 'fix' that our wise leaders in Raleigh came up with for the beach plan.  As in, we have seedless watermelons now - it's done, case closed, for now and forever, with no need to look back. Not quite. So what did they do to...
Since housing prices have dropped, I've been getting more and more inquiries from homeowners about whether they should lower the amount they insure their home for.  Great question. The price that most homeowners see going down is the market value of their home.  The 'market' value of the home is ...

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