What is your "hands down" best marketing tool?Anything you've been keeping secret all these years--now is the time to let it go.Share with us, you'll come up with something else. 
I will say I am definitely an advocate of internet marketing and progressive technology (HELLO...I am on AR at midnight) but I have also heard mixed feelings about the ever changing world of technology and whether it helps or hurts us as agents. What are your thoughts as to positives/negatives of...
Thanks to everyone already for your responses. As I read all of your answers, I have tried to leave a response but after typing my response and clicking submit---it does nothing at all!! Am I doing something wrong?
Seasoned agents--looking back at your career in the crazy business we call real estate... Would you do it all over again? Would you go through the classes all over, take the test, go through training (with all of its bumps), be the "rookie" again, make your way year after year, client after clien...
Well, not sure if I am looking for a response to this. That might actually make me feel worse depending on the comments. As I sit here at midnight with today's recording of Dr. Phil playing in the background I have to wonder--is this what my life is now?? Is this the Realtors version of My Space?...
WOW! Agents and professionals from around the world--all at my disposal! How powerful! Being an agent in Ohio for the past 10 years, I have seen so many changes in marketing. At meetings we used to talk about what magazine offers the best rate and what size ad to run in the local newspaper. Now t...

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