Just curious as to how you think the elimination of 100% financing will affect your market. I agree that buyers should have funds of their own or they probably shouldn't be homeowners. However, we as Realtors have gotten so used to having this financing as a strong tool in our pocket. Will this h...
I am going to scream!!!!I can't speak for the nation only my little slice of America where I call home and do my business.To be frank, I am tired of meeting buyers who insist on writing crazy low offers with ridiculous terms.  The reasons they give are not for updates, repairs, or value but inste...
Maybe this is not a question for Realtors to answer unless you can see through the consumer's eyes. How can we as Realtors improve on our image and become priceless in the eyes of the public? OK, I'll start off by answering my own question but please let me hear your thoughts. Here are my top 3 s...
Do any of you employ professional services in order to achieve those coveted high ranks with search engines? If so, has it paid off? If not, is there a reason why?
Are you the "go to" agent in your own neighborhood? Do you actively market to your neighbors? If so, what method has been most effective?
OK, I know we are all wonderful agents, and have found our own unique way to be successful in this biz but....what area could you improve on to make yourself an even better agent?
Thank you to every agent , lender & all other professionals that take the time to post questions, provide encouragement, give wisdom, make us laugh, make us think, challenge us, prepare us, and together provide one of the strongest national real estate networks so far-- Be proud of what you do.
Oh where do I start...this is a long one so brace yourself. We live in a fairly nice neighborhood. Having said that, I guess everyone's definition of that is different. What I mean is that it's a new development where every neighbor carefully prunes and tidies their landscape, bakes cookies for t...
On my way to find a house today I took a shortcut through a cemetary (I know, I know it may not have been the best choice) but as I found myself winding through the narrow streets a phrase on a tombstone jumped out at me."All Gave Some, Some Gave All"How fitting as we remember the heroes and thos...
Trying to plan a vacation, or 2, or 3...Where do you go to escape the insanity?Give me your secret spot...I won't tell a soul.

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