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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker. The information provided on this blog belong to Audu Real Estate. Audu Real Estate is not responsible for the opinions, thoughts or ideas expressed by visitors.
I remember the early 70's when bell bottom pants were all the rage.  The bigger the flare the better.   Everything was just a tad 'puffed' up and that included 'big hair' like the Afro. Sometimes, it was difficult to have a sense of how tall a person really was.  Several young men I knew used the...
This morning, my inbox has received several notifications about the formal extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit which will provide financial assistance to many New Home Buyers and Existing Homeowners who are considering the purchase of their next home.  Later in the day, a conversation with a cl...
Good News on the housing front & just in time for the Holidays in Grand Rapids, MI.  In a market which has seen the worst of times in recent years, a recent article in the Grand Rapids Press heralding an increase of 35 PERCENT in home sales over 2008 was more than welcome...local professionals ar...
It made headlines on national news and was the focus of considerable debate on "Hot Topics" for the View television program today.  The story of former school teacher Nicole Howell's acquittal after being falsely accused of having sexual relationships with a sixteen year old student.  Although, t...
The world of real estate has always held a fascination for folks like me.  But things have a way of getting really strange when people who don't spend their waking, working moments around the mayhem and milieu of the brokerage world start telling astounding tales about their recent 'encounters' i...
Just about 3 years ago, I decided to write a blog post. Within a month, I stumbled upon Active Rain and signed up.  I had absolutely NO idea how much that simple decision would change my life and career. Yesterday, 2 extraordinary events intersected together in 1 day aka 1,440 Minutes. During the...
I'm one of those people who checks things out online BEFORE I go.  Why not?  I figure there is more to be gained from taking advantage of the benefit of other people's experiences before spending the gas, time and money to discover the truth myself.  Apparently, there are a lot of folks like me. ...
Kentwood Condo~1457 N Saxony Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508 1457 N Saxony Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508 View Map The stunning contemporary style in this condo invites you to move right in without having to do anything but enjoy. Tasteful pottery barn style greets you as you walk in to the wood s...
It seems that every year, a new study comes out which highlights WHY real estate commissions should be lower.  This one was written by academic researchers from Stanford University. The conclusions were:  "the typical commission paid for the average real estate transaction does not impact the ini...
It is said that the Chinese symbol for crisis contains elements of both danger and opportunity.  Over the past couple of years, we've all borne witness to a real estate market gone awry.   Nothing in my experience could have prepared me for the dramatic market downturn or the escalation in crisis...

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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker.

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