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Trying to Leverage Loan Modifications against the Assignee of the loan (who will undoubtedly argue they are not liable for any predatory lending violations committed by the loan originator) as they are a “Holder in Due Course.” By Steve Vondran, Esq. who is practicing Real Estate, Bankruptcy, an...
A few ways (ideas) to try to seek an injunction against foreclosure in Arizona The following is general legal information only and is not to be construed as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.  These are a few things to look at when investigating whether or not you have a defense to f...
FORECLOSURE TIPS:  OVERVIEW OF TENANTS RIGHTS FOLLOWING EVICTION (NEW HOPE FOR MODIFYING INVESTMENT PROPERTIES?) Hi again, we have posted information on previous blogs about tenants rights following eviction.  Here is an overview of what we are looking at.   The following is general legal informa...
On May 20, President Obama signed into law "Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009."  This law is now the "law of the land" superseding any State laws that provide less protection to tenants of foreclosed loans. The Law allows Tenants of foreclosed properties to stay in their homes for 90 ...
Fannie Mae Launches "Deed for Lease" Program for Homeowners who do not qualify for loan modifications  The following is general legal information only and is not legal advice, or to be construed as legal advice.  For specific questions please contact a real estate or foreclosure defense Attorney....
DO YOU HAVE AN FHA LOAN THAT NEEDS MODIFICATION?  NEW PROGRAM ALLOWS PRINICPAL LOAN BALANCE REDUCTIONS AND FIXED INTEREST RATES. The following is general information.  Steve Vondran practices real estate, bankruptcy and foreclosure defense  and can be reached at steve@vondranlaw.com or (877) 276-...
The following is general legal information only and not to be construed as legal advice. California tenants have rights when residential property is being foreclosed upon. The following two sections apply where a lender, trustee, beneficiary or authorized agent is seeking to foreclose on resident...

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