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Great buying opportunity.  Harbor Landing is a premier Destin Condo and this 3 bedroom, three and a half bath unit has it all including great views of the Gulf of Mexico and of the Destin Harbor.  Harbor Landing's amenities are beyond comparison including deeded beach access right across the str...
I heard something interesting yesterday – my coach Steve Powers – was talking about Five Year Plans and the importance of them.  He started out by quoting, Mike Ferry, when he said, “Almost everyone over estimates their One Year Plans and almost everyone under estimates their Five Year Plans.” I’...
So I joined a health club this weekend and started working out.   Let me tell you, I’m sore as       h-e-double hockey sticks.   But it’s a good kind of sore, because I know that if I keep it up the workouts will get easier and easier.  As a matter of fact, as I continue these workouts, my body w...
Have you ever had days when you just didn’t feel like working?  The last think you wanted to do was go into the office and find new business or deal with existing your business.  Say yes because we all have.  Here’s The Thing People who succeed at high levels also feel like this from time to time...
Here are three very cool concepts that everyone selling real estate should know inside and out.  Ready?  They will change your life.  Once you know you can’t go back.  There will be no excuses why you are not making a fortune selling real estate.  Here we go. ·         According to research repor...
Have you ever had a grand idea where you were totally pumped up and excited about something you wanted to do, to accomplish, and then for some reason you talk yourself out of it?  What’s up with that?  One minute you are putting together a plan where you are going to start a great business, or yo...
Have you ever started something with a pretty good idea of what you wanted only to end up with so much more than you ever thought possible?  I bet you have. Maybe when you were younger you wanted to get good grades so you studied hard and not only did you get good grades but you made the Dean’s L...
Every great product or service starts out as someone’s dream but not every dream becomes a great product or service.  The reasons for that are varied but generally speaking it’s because most dreams end up in the “I’m Going To” section of Reality Mart where they sit and fade.  They never get out o...
It’s only November and I want to you to keep your focus on finishing out the year strong for sure.  I also want you to start thinking about what you want for next year, how you plan to get it, and what you are going to need to get it.  Before we start thinking about how much money you want to ear...
Confidence leads to success, which leads to more confidence, which leads to more success, which leads to more confidence, which leads to more … and so on. Makes sense right? Of course it does.  So How Do You Get Confidence? It’s simple. Did you ever do this when you were younger?  You heard a son...

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This blog is intended for buyers and sellers of real estate in Destin Florida, South Walton County Florida and Panamacity Beach Florida. It is also for other realtors and real estate related professionals to offer advice on how we can all better participate in the business of real estate. Our Real Estate At The Beach and More Blog expecially focus on investment real estate including second homes, condo and vacant land.