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This blog details real estate news and information from the greater Bozeman Montana Housing Market.



Selling your home can begin with a shot in the dark as to find just where in the market your listing fits. It does not need to be that way. Sellers can educate themselves prior to finding an agent so that they can enter the market at a price point that is the ideal balance between competitive and...
Home Ownership Matters: Renting versus buying—this is one of the classic debates today. Truth be told, each has their own advantages depending on the life of the person grappling with the debate. The following are the clear advantages to HOME OWNERSHIP: AMERICAN JOBS. Home sales generate 2.5 priv...
Here is a great blog article written by Jeff Spadafora  Director of Coaching and Product Development at the organization HalfTime @   One of the best ways to build capacity in our lives is to simplify our lives. After several low cost probes and a part-time consulting role with t...
Decrease in Foreclosure Sale Timelines Foreclosures are speeding up. JPMorgan, Chase, and Wells Fargo trimmed their foreclosure periods by 100 days as 2011 drew to a close. The backlog built-up dam finally broke says a Moody’s Investors Service report. Yet there is a long way to go before the inv...
For too long, the state of the economy has been measured with one index or another telling us how we should feel about it.   The Empire State Manufacturing Index, The Producer Price Index, The retail sales report, Housing Starts, The Beige Book, The Dow and countless others.  Yes, all of these ty...
The Federal Reserve has called on lawmakers to help with the ailing housing market. The Fed gave lawmakers the task of instilling more aggressive actions to prevent home values from plummeting further. Suggestions within this new surge include an idea that a government program may start renting ...
State of Distressed Properties in 2012 Predictions are always hard to make and distressed sales are no different. Factors like home values, employment, and consumer confidence will all be determinants of the rising or falling housing market. That is the only thing that is certain. “Foreclosures a...
How Low Will Mortgage Rates GO? This New Year may just be the one that you purchase your new home! If your resolutions are to buy, refinance, or explore your real estate options, the time is ideal. The Federal Reserve has committed to keep long-term interest rates low through next year. For nine ...
Top Three Issues that impacted the real estate market: 1. The Robo-Signing Scandal Breaking out in October 2010, the scandal accusing banks of approving numerous foreclosures without proper reviews continued into 2011. Banks were forced to slow their foreclosure processes down, making sure to tak...

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