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This blog details real estate news and information from the greater Bozeman Montana Housing Market.
Montana State University's architecture students must have been inspired by the "Tiny House Builders" T.V. show recently, because they're taking concepts from the show to build "Small Shelters" for the homeless. After a class with MSU's architecture professor, and cooperation with Bozeman's Human...
Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, also known as Wyoming Highway 296, is a beautiful drive through the Absaroka Mountains and Dead Indian Pass. It’s about a 46-mile drive in northern Park County, and is certainly worth a cruise for a weekend trip. However, this highway is more than just some scenic road,...
Established in peak times of the Gold Rush, Bozeman, Montana has an interesting background with some extraordinary founders. Much of Bozeman’s roads were named in honor of individuals who were monumental to the town’s success. Here are few meaningful road names in Bozeman with an interesting hist...
If done properly, home staging can make the home look much more appealing to buyers in photos and showings. Other than just the obvious tasks of cleaning, which is the first thing you should do, there are several essential steps in staging a home to sell. #1 Make Obvious Purpose for The SpaceAn e...
Buying a home can be a particularly stressful, and time-consuming process. Buyers may learn through experience some valuable lessons for buying a home. Here are 5 useful tips for first-time homebuyers to consider when entering the real estate market.  #1 Get your documents in orderTo apply for a ...
The town of Bozeman was named after the man who made the Bozeman Trail, John Bozeman. Mr. Bozeman took part in the gold rush and traveled west from the mines in Colorado to mines in Deer Lodge, Montana, leaving his wife and children behind. Having failed in his quest for gold, he decided to take ...
 There has been some controversy among Bozeman’s downtown residents this year over the matter of allowing vacation rentals in Bozeman’s historic neighborhoods. Residents are concerned with losing our “community character,” noise disturbances, and increased traffic from the number of vacation rent...
 Buying a home can be a particularly stressful, painstaking process, especially for first-time home buyers. To prepare you for the real estate market, follow these 5 steps toward buying a home.#1 Save Years In AdvanceDown payment requirements depend on the loan program, ranging anywhere from 3% t...
 To keep your home in its top shape, it requires regular maintenance to be done every year. To reduce energy costs and prevent future costly repair bills, here are 5 important, yet often overlooked, areas to perform regular maintenance procedures.#1 PlumbingClogged plumbing is extremely difficult...
Nestled in the middle of Montana’s great mountain ranges, Bozeman offers adventure seekers almost limitless trails to explore. Here’s 10 of our favorite trails around Bozeman, Montana.SourdoughLocated within close proximity to town, Sourdough Trail, also known as Bozeman Creek Trial, is popular a...

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