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There are literally hundreds of tasks a real estate virtual assistant can handle for you. But here we compiled a list of some of the best ways real estate agents can utilize a virtual assistant. Marketing A virtual assistant can help you develop a sound marketing plan and then manage the campaign...
Real Estate Virtual Assistant & Internet Marketing SpecialistLocation: Fairhope, ALFind your Real Estate Virtual Assistant today! Virtu-Assist offers Real Solutions for Realtors. We have a team of real estate virtual assistants, and Internet marketing specialists to provide a solution for you. At...
I am sure that as active rain members you realize the importance of exposure for your listings. When you search for items online what grabs your attention? A catchy title is a good start, and photos are great as well. But what about the presentation. Do more astectic postings get higher views? Th...
DO YOU NEED REAL EXPOSURE? Most agents would say yes I do-I just don't have the time or the money-it's expensive to advertise, etc. Well not only is extremely important to have an online presence it is also important to have as much exposure as possible. There are a number of sites that allow lis...
This is a question I pose to all agents here on active rain. I am a virtual assistant and I am trying to gain knowledge about the real concerns agents face when they consider using a virtual assistant. From past experience I have had a few comments from prospective clients including trust, etc. I...


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