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Unvented crawl spaces have been gaining popularity primarily due to the push for energy conservation.  One of the significant adverse side affects to the earlier types of unvented crawl spaces was a concentration of Radon gas.  Scientifically installed and monitored studies from North Carolina, L...
A fellow inspector, from a different city, hit me with an idea the other day that I have been mulling over ever since.  He said to him it was a matter of ETHICS.  Let me explain. I was telling him that I have been performing home inspections in this area for five years now, and that there were a ...
The old adage "Out of sight - Out of mind" is not one that you can afford to apply to your crawl space. Even though it is considered dark and creepy by most folks, the crawl space is a very important area of the home, and it should not be ignored.  If the crawl space is not healthy, the house is ...
Yes is the answer; it simply depends on your perspective.  If you truly have the home, the neigborhood or the clients best in mind then a home inspector is your friend.  Take a simple test; What is defective or broken in a home that you don't want the buyer to know about?  If there is an item tha...
Did you know that there are only two states remaining in the union that do not adopt, and enforce on some level, a one and two family dwelling building code?  Yes, that's right, Tennessee and Mississippi.  I'm all for independence and freedom and I understand from the start that when the governme...
I love the posts that include pictures and graphics.  I'm a great Home Inspector but I'm not much of a computer guy.  In simple terms (if you don't mind) how do I insert pictures into my blog posts or comments?
There is an absolutely free resource at the finger tips of each and every Real Estate agent on Active Rain.It's called "Ask The Home Inspector"! A blog that is available to any agent who would like to ask a question about anything that has to do with a house, a home inspection or report writing. ...
Is it peculiar to this area of TN or are any of you other HI seeing builders using TJ's (Truss Joists) for girders below the house.  I started seeing it about two years ago and it is very slowly gaining popularity.  I for one think that the TJ's make a great floor system but they are not approved...
Why is it essential for all real estate agents to understand that "New Home Construction" needs to undergo a Professional Home Inspection before the closing?Simply reason: To protect your client! Before the closing, the home belongs to the builder and the money is the purchasers.  If a home inspe...
Thank You to those who have responded!I wish I could say that this is an isolated insident but in this area of TN it is not.  After working in this area for three years now I would say that we are at about the 50 percent mark in the real estate agent tally.  About half think like the respondents ...

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