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Please listen carefully. There's a LOT of common "wisdom" shared between well-intentioned agents that's not wisdom at all. I am an agent, but I'm also a marketing consultant and my capacity for empathy over all the needless agent suffering has inspired me. That said, I emplore YOU to see what's r...
It seems to me that rarely do any of us find the time to sit down with people to hear their stories. Everyone is just soooo busy that the intimate details of our lives go by, unspoken, as though none of us are the remarkable people we actually are. So... I want to know about you, the real estate ...
Ready, set.... GO! You have just five minutes to re-create the world of Real Estate. What do you envision? How would it be different? Who would be served differently? How might technology play a role in realizing the very best of real estate as you see it clearly in your mind's eye? I'm constantl...
Prior to getting involved in real estate several years, ago, I've had a marketing career for twenty years. I thought this would really help me be an effective agent since all businesses, regardless of industry, come down to sales and marketing in the end. I eat up news on the technology front; lo...
This is the first in a 5 -part series about online marketing and effective prospecting in the digital age. A good many of you might be thinking "What the (&*#!) is she talking about?" Am I honestly suggesting that you let your website die a long-overdue and merciful death? Actually, I am. For tho...
Can you smell that? I can't be the only one who's keenly aware of that malodorous substance in the air... It seems to be coming from the source of much suffering and denial in the world of real estate these days. It's a giant elephant in the middle of the room and it's called F-A-I-L-U-R-E. Hint:...
Betty Hesaltine of Hometown Realty was kind enough to submit her question on cost-effective marketing. She writes "My question is if you are new to the business and want to get the word out that you are available, what is the best way to approach that without spending an arm and a leg?" After giv...
Now more than ever, effective marketing is key to survival. On that we can ALL agree. Selling oneself (no, not like that) boils down to spreading the word about how much better/smarter/more experienced you are over other agents. Or does it? Thinking outside the box doesn't necessarily mean being ...


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