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I was on the phone with an out of town prospect this morning who is very interested in doing research on local area elementry schools.  I googled, and found this awesome website, which has school ratings and reviews. Very cool! Also, I added their school search widget to a new pa...
I just watched this amazing video loaded with stats and factoids. Very interesting. Wanted to share here... My take-aways from this video: 1. I'm already addicted to Facebook, so no problem there. But should I consider tweeting? 2. Time to get better at making YouTube videos. Good thing I just bo...
Hey everyone, I have WordPress on my website, Scottsdale AZ Homes For Sale, and I hate the current template I have.  It's so ugly! My problem is there are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o many different templates out there to choose from.  I'm not even sure how to evaluate them other than what I think is pretty....
Ok, so this post isn't about boiling water.  But it's about something almost as simple as that.  When I first started, I could not figure out how to underline my words to make a link, or hyperlink.  So I just wrote a very very very basic post with lots of screen shots: How To Link Words In 5 Easy...
Hey everybody!  ActiveRain seems like a really cool community…I just joined yesterday and upgraded to the RainMaker account today.  This seems like "Facebook / MySpace for Realtors."  Brilliant idea!  :) Brieft history of me: I was a residential mortgage broker for the last 6 years.  I had a lot ...

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