We all can go to the office, and listen to the horrible client stories our fellow Realtors have.  I always feel so sorry for them when I hear their insane stories.  We will all be touched my those clients that make us wonder why we are in the business.... IF we do not correctly prequalify our cli...
I adore it when a client & I walk into a home, and say, "this is the one!"  It always seems like both me & my client know when this happens!  Today was one of those days, so I want to commend every Realtor who looks for those homes for their client like I love to do!  Remember it is never about u...
I always love getting Gary Keller's perspective on things.  We need to shift our daily lives to achieve where we want our personal goals to be.  Sometimes our small thinking gets in the way of much bigger things!  I do not think anyone gets into real estate going, "Hmm.  If I make $1000 a month t...
As Realtors we often times forget to put ourselves out their in the community.  Being a secret agent in FBI might work; however, I find it hard to believe that the real estate community has room for people who are not active in their community!  My advice to those people is get out while the gett...
Gary Keller is coming to Nashville, TN next Wednesday.  He is a wonderful man that founded the company I work for 26 years ago.  His take on the real estate economy is second to none!  He is the definition of a leader of a company.  If you are in the Nashville area next week I highly recommend yo...
This is actually something that seems to be getting very popular in my life!  This weekend I wrote a back up offer on a one of a kind beautiful historic home!  My buyers are in love with!  I do not think there truly is anything out there more perfect for them, and they feel they exact same!  Howe...
We all want to have closings.  However, I believe there is a huge difference in Realtors from how we all feel when we leave the closing table.  My biggest fear in my career as a Realtor is having a client have to foreclose on a property.  I know there are many industries involved, but that is jus...
Hello all.  I would just like to brag on my fellow Birmingham, AL Realtors for a moment.  In July of 2008 we sold 1400 homes in one month.  When we compare numbers 2008 in Birmingham is looking better every day!  Congratulations Birmingham for continuing to grow!
Hello everyone.  Sorry I have not posted anything recently; however, we all know how life sometimes gets in the way from time to time.  Life events will always happen, and we must reshift our focus from time to time.  I have been told numerous times, "I feel so bad for you, because you got into R...
I am a huge fan of John Tesh, and so I subscribe to his newsletters.  I read an article concerning success, and thought it was something I needed to share with others.  Here is a little background about me first.  From the time I could actually form sentences I said, "I want to be an attorney."  ...

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