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From lifestyle to leadership and back to real estate. This blog will cover everything from the top restaurants to the best places to grab a slice of pizza and then all about the current financial market. It'll talk about the real estate market throughout Bucks and Montgomery County as well as what you can do to improve your property right now. Oh, and a little bit of personal stories that you can laugh at along the way.
Here is Monday, September 11th's mid-day update on the market...With anxious investors waiting for the big date (September 18th when the Fed will meet again), the Dow started to rise this morning, but was rudely shaken and started to drop based on information provided by Fed members.  The bond is...
News articles are already out even before the beginning of the week starts.  Everyone says that they have the case of "the Monday's", but it will be so very true after tomorrow.There is approx. 6.5 trading sessions prior to the much anticipated Federal Reserve meeting.  Investors galore are pinin...
The first week of September, though short, was truly a roller coaster ride.  Rates were jumping up and down like jumping beans, and news articles were published left and right about the Fed dropping rates and also about job cuts.  Here is a brief summary of the past week:Tuesday, September 4, 200...
Hi everyone!  I have formed a new group here on ActiveRain: Connecticut Professionals.  This group is meant to connect all of Connecticut's Real Estate professionals here in ActiveRain.  There is already a group for CT Shoreline folks, but I think it's good to know exactly what is going on throug...
We have all heard the countless advertisements and discussions on home loans with absolutely no fees.  In fact, there is a discussion post as to why the lenders don't pay the fees themselves.  The later is a whole different topic.  I want to enter into the debate now of whether it's more cost eff...
This post is essentially for anyone associated with the building, development, or sale of new real estate.  However, this can be very educational for those who are looking into getting started in the new construction business.  It will consist of 2 parts; the first being a general overview of how...
Hey folks, this is a general info blog about Countrywide's House America Loan Program.  I know there are a lot of real estate professionals going down in a hail of gunfire right now, but I think this program alone can help alot of us out there target a market that we haven't targeted before.The p...
Hello folks,For the second week of this here information blog, I would like to think a little "outside the box" for you folks FHA certified and needing 100%.As we all well know, the entire market is cracking down on 100% financing for sub-prime borrowers.  I have gotten loans through via Fannie F...

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