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From lifestyle to leadership and back to real estate. This blog will cover everything from the top restaurants to the best places to grab a slice of pizza and then all about the current financial market. It'll talk about the real estate market throughout Bucks and Montgomery County as well as what you can do to improve your property right now. Oh, and a little bit of personal stories that you can laugh at along the way.
So, we all, I'm sure know that the Federal Funds Rate was cut by 50 basis points to a 4.75%.  Obviously this is a step in the right direction for a dwindling Real Estate market.  So, I ask you, Active Rain community, what is needed to bring the housing market back from the depths which it has fal...
A Reverse Mortgage is one of the most misconstrued products that enders offers.  This post is meant primarily to give you an overview of what a Reverse Mortgage is and dispel and myths or misconceptions out there.  Click here to visit the AARP sponsored site on Reverse Mortgages.First of all, wha...
I have been writing about tomorrow's much anticipated Federal Reserve meeting for the past week or so, and am about ready to move on to another (more positive) topic.  So, that being said, we're going to assume that the Federal Reserve decide not to discount the rate tomorrow.Now, before you go "...
So, we enter into one of the most anticipated weeks this year; September 18th, the Fed is either going to shoot us down again, or they are going to try and provide a little relief by lowering the rate.  There was a great article that was put in today's Yahoo Finance section: http://biz.yahoo.com/...
 With the football season having it's first official kickoff for Monday night football during the week, it's only right to end the week on a good foot so we can get on the ball for Monday....  That was corny, but hey, I'm no stand up comedian.We all know that the market has been extremely volatil...
I wanted to get your opinions on some marketing ideas:Over the past several months, I have been organizing marketing activities with Realtors, attorneys, insurance agents, etc...  What I hear (at first) when I approach another professional about print marketing is a negative attitude and a firm b...
This is the age old question in Real Estate.  In a previous blog, I asked what everyone was doing now to compensate for the lack of continuity in the market.  So, these next couple of questions are really meant to tickle your brain a little and get you thinking about your business (because that's...
 I need a quick favor from all the Realtors out there.  I have been in the industry for a little under 4 years now, and I am just starting to get into the Business to Business training of other LO's.  I need some good advice for them as I know, obviously, that the market has shifted, and the ways...
So, here is today's market update for September 11, 2007.  First of all, though, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who suffered in this tragedy 6 years ago!The market was still alive and well today within Wall Street as stocks increased 180.54 to end the day at 1.38% higher.  This was th...
Monday is officially closed for business here on the East Coast.  So, here is a breakdown of what happened today:Joseph Lewis now owns 7% of Bear Stearns' after a large share purchase which points to his confidence in a market upswing.  There are rumors at this point in time that he will commit t...

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