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From lifestyle to leadership and back to real estate. This blog will cover everything from the top restaurants to the best places to grab a slice of pizza and then all about the current financial market. It'll talk about the real estate market throughout Bucks and Montgomery County as well as what you can do to improve your property right now. Oh, and a little bit of personal stories that you can laugh at along the way.
October 14th I am re-starting my monthly Home Buyer Seminar.  I am encouraging Realtors to bring their clients to show them support in the current market, and it will also look good for the people who don't have Realtors yet (self-promotion via demonstration).RSVP by October 10th, and seats are l...
Wednesday's bond market has opened slightly in positive territory after the stock markets showed early weakness. The stock markets are posting losses with the Dow down 49 points and the Nasdaq down 12 points. The bond market is currently up 4/32, which with strength later yesterday should improve...
Hey everyone, I wanted to share another great networking website!  Personally, I think AR is the greatest blogging platform out there in today's networking market!In another arena, a forum driven platform is another great networking route.  WannaNetwork.com has just that, and they are launching a...
This is a little late for this blog post, but it is a daily thing that I post, so I hope you all enjoy!Tuesday's bond market has opened in positive territory as yesterday's buying seems to be carrying over to today. There was no relevant economic news scheduled for today, but early stock weakness...
....And reporting on time for the first time in a couple of days.  Here is the market update for October 1st.  The lock advisory hasn't changed - still locking for closings within 20 days.Monday's bond market has opened in positive territory following a weaker than expected manufacturing related ...
Good morning everyone.  Here is a brief intro to this week.  The lock/float advice has changed slightly.  I look forawrd to hearing from you all!This week brings us the release of only three monthly economic reports for the bond market to digest. The first report of the week comes late tomorrow m...
I found a couple of great articles that were published in Yahoo's finance section.  I thought I would share them with you and see if you had any thoughts on them!  So, here goes:There are affordable homes in every state; you just have to look in the right areas to live your dream lifestyle!Seller...
Hey Everyone,I apologize for being so late with this!  I was working a Fairground today (and surprisingly picked up a lot of business)!  Anyway, here is the usual market update!  The lock advisory hasn't really changed all too much from yesterday.Friday's bond market has opened in positive territ...
Hey Folks, I apologize for this coming out so late!  But, here is today's market update and suggestions.  Please not that the advice on the lock and float has changed significantly!Thursday's bond market has opened in positive territory following weaker than expected economic news. None of this m...
I found several great articles that were published!  I wanted to share these with you and get your general opinion on them (either just one, or all).  So, here they are:Mortgage Applications Drop While Refinancing IncreasesLoan Modifications for Subprime BorrowersFed Rate Cut has Opposite EffectT...

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