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From lifestyle to leadership and back to real estate. This blog will cover everything from the top restaurants to the best places to grab a slice of pizza and then all about the current financial market. It'll talk about the real estate market throughout Bucks and Montgomery County as well as what you can do to improve your property right now. Oh, and a little bit of personal stories that you can laugh at along the way.
In what will probably be the biggest merger of the year in the mortgage industry, Bank of America has purchased Countrywide Financial Co. at the tune of $4 billion.I have blogged about the various articles that have been released today about this acquisition in my Loan Officer Tips blog.  I would...
I wanted to briefly let you all know that I have updated my Loan Officer Sales and Marketing Tips blog.  I went a little off topic in the past post with the concept of The 3 F's of Sales, but I am back on track with the Pre-Qualification 2.0 Series with today's post!Also, I will be making this se...
Hi Everyone!I wanted to give you all a quick update on my blogging world.  Even though I love the AR community, I was asked by a couple of people within the industry to start a secondary blog about Loan Officer Training.  So, I have started the Loan Officer Marketing and Sales Tips blog.If that l...
Over the past couple of years, equity has been extremely accessible to our clients.  Times in our industry are changing with regard to guidelines and lending ability.  However, that shouldn't distract your from creating a relationship with your refinance clientele.  I have touched on the refinanc...
I just wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Holidays!  I apologize for not getting on and posting this sooner, but some unexpected family emergencies had risen.  I wish you all the best, and I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday so far (we still have New Year's to go).-Andy Scherer (Conn...
If you haven't read "Phase 1: Your First Contact With A Client" then please feel free to do so prior to reading this post which is an extension of the first contact.I briefly mentioned that the first contact with your client should be a relationship building experience. You should be getting to k...
Whether your client has called in, submitted something on the internet in the form of a paper lead, or is a referral they all want to know two things: rate and payment.  Right?It's our job in the mortgage banking and loan origination industry to shift our client's focus from rate to service and b...
Obviously, all of us like using Active Rain to get our "blogs" out there.  Do any of you take advantage of other forms of Real Estate Networking?I guess the reason that I bring this up is for SEO purposes.  Networking is a form of branding and self-promotion.  When you have a series of links comi...
Over the past couple of days, I have recieved several questions regarding HECM/HECL loans vs. proprietary bank Reverse Mortgages. Here's the deal on these:HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) or also known as HECL (Home Equity Conversion Loan). These programs are backed by FHA, and typically ha...
Ok, so I am going to be extending my lock recommendation from anything within 60 days to anything with a 90 day period; lock those loans.  Here is why:The bond market this morning opened slightly higher at +9/32 while Ben Bernanke didn't help the stock market out with his testimony to Congress' e...

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