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I took the opportunity to make a change from a template site (Alamode) to a fully custom site. The idx pages are still being modified to run the same header, colors and text as the main site and some of the content needs to be edited a little further but all in all, I am thrilled and will be 100%...
I have earned over 1300 so far and a bulk of the income came during the football season. I have posted this last year when I began and have found it such a great way to earn, what I call "Free Money"! I mean nothing in life is free except oxygen but this was free to me. I posted a few times here ...
Under 2 hours until the court hearing....I am betting either AZ will win or the judge will not make a decision. Sorry to the US but it is a foolish move to waste our tax dollars to show up and try to stop something that needs to be enforced. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do wit...
The saying holds true. I just wrote about one of my listings in Westwing that was pending and after getting approved by the bank (short sale) the buyer canceled. It went back to active and within a couple hours went back to pending. We received a better offer being the new offer is cash and a lig...
OK, my tip for today is the Google Voice application. I have been on the waiting list for some time now awaiting them to open up and accept new users. After many months, they have opened it up. I would suggest looking into this great FREE tool. You can forward the calls to any of your numbers you...
Do buyers even know what they want today or are they playing a friendly game of blind darts? I ask because after going thought the entire short sale process and getting a short sale deal approved, the buyer canceled because they wanted a pool. Seriously??? You didn't know you wanted pool before s...
I have a 3569 square foot, 4 bed 3.5 bath and 2 master suites coming back after reaching an approval with the bank. Buyer is canceling because they wanted a pool. I am just waiting for the formal cancelation and it will be back to active. Home is located on a cul de sac in Westwing Mountain in Pe...
OK...OK....I am in no way a vegan or a vegetarian or even close for that matter. I do have a vegetarian brother and sister in law though. I was over their home over the weekend and they gave me a vegan pudding mix and a box of soft tofu to use with it. Directions were to put tofu in blender or fo...
Just saw breaking news that the test is under way after 10-15 minutes and no oil is flowing at the current time. DANG what took them so long to figure this out. Let's hope it continues to be at zero oil leaking. Looks like the BP stock is also doing good and going up with the recent news.
An Arizona resident won his gold bracelet in a WSOP tournament. Congrats to him! The full article can be found at the following link. He used to be a real estate investor but now just plays poker....sounds like my kind of job except I doubt I could make a living playing cards.

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