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When you try to get a mortgage, you receive many disclosures. It can be confusing. Each of these was produced by different legislation over the years. In some cases, they provide overlapping information, which can make it even more complicating to digest. The 2015 new mortgage disclosure document...
Fannie Mae HomeStyle mortgages allow homeowners to add the cost of repairs into the financing. It may be used for the purchase of a new property or the refinance of a current property. It may apply to minor and extensive projects and therefore is a great option for homes requiring extensive work....
The 6 (Not-So-Simple) Steps to Securing a Home LoanFrom the word "mortgage" to the methods used by lenders to determine how much to loan, the home loan process can be confusing to first timers. In fact, one third of the respondents to a 2011 Wall Street Journal survey of homebuyers said that the ...
Sellers Behaving Badly: The Top 3 Ways to Turn Off a BuyerNot all real estate transactions turn sour. In fact, few do. But once in a while, a bad apple ends up either selling or buying a home, and can throw the entire transaction into chaos.From buyers allowing their children to run wild through ...
How to Get a Mortgage Loan for a FixerHere's a clever real estate dictum for you: Don't buy the best house in a bad neighborhood; buy the worst house in a good neighborhood.There are several reasons for this rule, but the main one has to do with property values, which are determined in large part...
 House renovations can be stressful. In addition to the important decision of finding a contractor, there are many things you should be conscious of regarding the actual agreement to complete the work. It is helpful for both you and your contractor to confirm that you are on the same page. Below ...
  Purchasing luxury property is very different from lower end real estate. The offer, property inspection, and loan approval process may be more complicated and require additional attention. Your first step should be finding a real estate agent to assist you through the process. In this article y...
  PMI is typically included in loans with lower than 20% down. Most individuals who select FHA have little down payment funds and will thus require PMI on a monthly basis. The premium is based on a percentage of the loan principal and can make up a large percent of the monthly payment. Borrowers ...
  Buyers routinely submit online forms for high-value purchases, but are you meeting their expectations in terms of response? This study reveals that many companies are likely losing sales because they are failing to meet the expectations buyers have developed for response speed and persistence. ...

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