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Yes Virginia , there is a Santa, and yes you can create a dream house for less than you think. You don't have to settle for less than what you want, and you don't have to break the bank doing it. Yes, this is a custom, its not a tract home. The sooner you act, the sooner you get what you want. Ca...
Hope you enjoy it. I did. From the guys at TheResourcetvshow.mike
I have to quickly share a dad's pride in seeing his son not quit today. I went to my son's football game (they lost badly ). In their defense they have only 4 boys on the team who ARENT freshman. The entire team is basically freshmen. Anyway , this dad's pride in his son is his unending heart tha...
I went to the store last weekend.                                                     I needed some new fall pants for work.(builder bob pants)The first store had my size, but in white. Yuck.The second store had a camo and beige, but for triple $$.The third store was closed for a company picnic.I...
Many multi generational families are coming together to live. We have the larger lots that can handle these additional living needs ALL ON ONE  floor. No need for stairs. After all our knees and hips don't have a lifetime guarantee. :) If you would like to see how the entire family can come toget...
We love Granite Bay for its geography, beauty , space and safety. This small south Placer County town is a unique community even for this area. We can show you how you can have an affordable one acre custom home with great schools, neighbors, and shopping nearby. Nothing beats the serene living ,...
I want to congratulate another great couple, David & Daphne on getting a new build to suit custom special home in Los Lagos. Their newly designed 4400 square foot Santa Barbara style will allow plenty of room for their growing family. We cant wait to get it built and get them in there. :)If you w...
Capitalism isn't a dirty word...but the logic that some big builders use to price their upgrades in their NOT a secret but is it Dirty?  I have visited several new home (Tract type) builders recently and found some distasteful pricing strategies. At least i found them to be so.For exam...
Green Construction... Did you know that the building codes changed drastically last summer (july) and that newly built homes (except for some tract builders) are much more "Green". For one example, the exterior walls are a minimum of 2 x 6 . This is a savings of energy due to the increase in insu...
This special home site is soon to come to the market. High above the valley floor. You can see 30 miles from Granite Bay all the way past downtown Sacramento. This will be a special all view lot. The  dual deck is planned to be over 1200 square feet. Watching the clouds roll in from the Pacific O...

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Granite Bay Luxury New Construction...For Less
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