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I just returned from a trip to The Beach Cities in Los Angeles California. While I was there visiting my children. It was my youngest daughter Andrea's 21st birthday. Here she is with her boyfriend Ryan, she in "the birthday tiara". Between turning 55 in June and my youngest turning 21, I started...
ARDELL DellaLoggia I Blog about Seattle Real Estate and industry issues at Rain City Guide I Blog about Seattle Area Real Estate including Eastside Real Estate on my blog. I represent buyers and sellers of real estate in the Seattle Area Front page news "above the fold" Seattle PI 2/10/09 One of ...
This is a Destiny Reading for one of my Twitter Friends.  I come from some gypsy lineage (tiny bit of Mongolian blood from my mother's side) with a knack for Tarot Reading, etc...  I didn't pay a lot of attention to it until my children were losing focus on the meaning of life in their pre-teen a...
Hi, I'm @ARDELLd on Twitter. The number one thing I see many doing incorrectly on Twitter is hitting "reply" to a person, but not on the "correct" comment stream. Remember that many, many people using social media are watching vs. talking. When your followers see a reply from you to someone else,...
By Andrea (Andy) Revenant - Tattooer       Andrea is my youngest daughter.
Admiration of a beautiful lady...whom I did not love. It is a likingliking with no loveno want of gettingor the regret of missingit is an admirer's eyenot a lover's eyeneither an opportunistic eyenor an inflated eyejust the admirer of the beautyand the admirer of the smileThe smile so lovelyso na...
I apologize for making you go someplace else to read this post.  But it's long and it took a lot of time and Google doesn't like it when I cut and paste from one site to another. I think it is an important read for every agent and anyone who has anything to do with mls systems and how they functi...
Someone did a class at Inman Connect awhile back on "Inbox Zero".  My first thought was, that's a dumb idea.  I hope I NEVER have an empty Inbox.  I didn't go to the class :) Here's what I'm gonna do.  I'm going to FILL my inbox with one email from every important person in my life, so I can hit ...
Long before...well, just about anything, the visual influence of the moon's cycle was used as a planning tool for people of many cultures.  It was everyone's "monthly planner". It is now 2009 and we have a little over 20 days until The First New Moon of the New Year.  That is what Chinese New Ye...
If you are going to Inman Blogger's Connect in New York City NYC next week, there will be a prize for the most Kevin Tomlinson sightings. If you see this guy: OR, just in case he's going incognito in his jeans with holes in them and baseball cap, you may get a card from him that looks like this: ...

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