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Seattle Real Estate including The Eastside cities of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and The Seattle Neighborhoods of Green Lake, and most points on the north side of Lake Washington.
Just a quick snapshot of 2017 Average Home Prices by the Elementary Schools in Kirkland Washington based on closed sale prices over the most recent 3 months or basically 1st quarter of 2017.  I did not use "the mls" to compile the stats here, but rather public sources since it is easier to isolat...
Here in the Seattle Area it is not unusual for a good home, priced well, to get lots of showings on the first day (my last one had 18 showings the first day) and for an offer to be submitted and accepted pretty quickly. Often within 24 to 72 hours. I understand that buyers find this to be frustra...
(NOTE: For those who have been in the business since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, like me, you may want to utilize the old skills of A time, B time and C time to convert these basics to a rational framework. It's always easier to apply new skills by understanding which old and valued skills they a...
Over on the Redfin Forum there is an ongoing discussion called "Rebate MESS!" that has become a huge frustration to the homebuyer. It has become increasingly "the norm" for All Commissions to be Negotiable between a Real Estate Agent and their client. Still...many agents seem to believe that only...
Just a quick update on 2011 Home Prices in Redmond 98052 Year to Date and the 3rd Quarter Sold Prices.  Home prices are stable comparing 3rd Quarter with year to date. That may change in the 4th Quarter. Asking prices of homes for sale are a little on the high side, except for newer 4 bedroom hom...
There are several posts floating around ActiveRain recently, pondering whether or not your personal life is any of your clients' business. Should we ONLY and EVER blog about "the professional services we provide", and how we conduct ourselves as "professionals", but never about the "Who We ARE" i...
I fully understand that there are many Agents around the Country who just want to SELL A FREAKIN' HOUSE!!! That's OK. It really is. As long as you are completely honest with your clients about YOUR ulitmate objective, which may be in conflict with THEIR ultimate objective. THE NUMBER ONE QUESTION...
Do you do something every day to help the real estate market improve? It's an odd question given most agents are just waiting for good things to happen. But I'm offering this small challenge. Spend just FIVE MINUTES every day doing something that will help the market. A small thing.   You are in ...
What a bunch of CRAP! Piled on top of another load of CRAP! Do y'all think this is the first time this same old, same old, story has been "told"? If you just fell off the turnip truck. Some day it "may" be true...not much lasts FOREVER. . BUT don't let it be because somebody tossed a sti...
My Social Media Guru is Andrea Revenant of 3rd Street Tattoo in Hermosa Beach, California. She is also my youngest daughter. Gen Y at its FINEST!  I learn so much by her example!   The Kid is a Natural! Dustin Luther was my Numero Uno "blog-rules" guy for many years...but let's face it. He's gett...

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