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Services for Real Estate Pros - "A Quick Note" ...in Tennessee! - Expires May 16, 2023
Choose a Professional Signing Agent:Did you know you have a choice?                                            Did you know, that when you sign a new mortgage, whether it is a purchase, or a refi, or an equity line, you get to choose your own Notary Signing Agent? Let your Mortgage Broker or Escr...
     What is it about human nature that makes us see the glass as half empty?  It seems it is always easier to dwell upon the impending doom than to maintain an upbeat positive attitude.  Even though my own personal life, my career path and my own overall happiness and wellness have proven to me ...
     Would you rather have someone providing you with services who does it on nights and weekends or, would you rather have a dedicated, experienced professional that works for you 7 days a week?      This is how I began-as a weekend warrior.  I was a full-time college student.  I'd returned to s...
 In my former life, I managed fast-food restaurants.  The kids who worked for me would ask for raises having done nothing (other than being on the payroll) to earn more compensation.  I was often required to give them, what I have since come to describe as "the gum-ball speech".  The gum-ball spe...

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