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Have you ever gotten an appraisal back on your home for a refinance (or sale) and found that it did not appraise for what you thought it should?  Unfortunately this does occur on occasion.  You may chuckle and say this occurs more times than not and you may think the appraiser is just a "deal kil...
The Birmingham Alabama Multiple Listing Service recently introduced an option allowing agents to list the gross living area (GLA) of their listings. This is a great feature that will help both Realtors and real estate appraisers. Realtors can now let potential buyers know how much living area the...
I’ve talked about foreclosure properties in previous posts and how they are providing competition to non foreclosure properties. It really is something you have to consider when pricing your home. As appraisers we look at past sales and current active inventory. If there are other properties for ...
I just wanted to share with everyone the snow we had in the Birmingham, Alabama area on Christmas Day.  It may not sound very exciting to many people but this is the first snow we have had on Christmas day in around 45 years!  It was enjoyed by all.  Hope you enjoy.
To some, the phrase 'Shadow Inventory' conjures up dark images and impending doom, kind of like the Darth Vader character from Star Wars. You may not have heard of shadow inventory as it is not mentioned too much in the mainstream media. I've seen several definitions of shadow inventory, however ...
I recently did an inspection for an appraisal on an FHA refinance loan. It was an older home that had been undergoing some updates and renovations. One of the biggest problems I see on older homes, and one which this home had, is peeling and chipping paint. This is not an issue with conventional ...
I know that some of you will say "Why should I get an appraisal when I am an agent and can do my own market analysis?", but there are benefits to the appraisal. My main concern here is with the homeowner who want you to over price their home. When you know that they are asking you to do this, you...
The following data reflects market trends within the Old Cahaba subdivision, located in Helena, Alabama. This is a large development that is located on the Cahaba River. It offers a clubhouse and pool to residents. There are several styles of homes available, with some built on slab foundations a...
Because of the death of a loved one, family members can be faced with making decisions that not all can agree on. Whenever property is left to them they must decide who gets what and this can sometimes result in friction between them. I have seen instances where one family member wants to own and...
05/13/2010 has come online in the past 2 months.  My name is Tom Horn and I set up this blog to provide information to homeowners and real estate professionals about relevant real estate news and local market trends.  There is a lot going on in today's market and I hope I am able...

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Author Bio: Tom Horn lives in the Birmingham, Alabama area with his wife and two children. He has been appraising residential real estate for over 20 years and holds the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute. He concentrates in the area of single family, vacant land, 2-4 family, and condominium appraisals.

This blog discusses Birmingham Alabama real estate appraiser topics in real estate appraisal. This includes but not limited to topics including explanations of the real estate appraisal process, articles on fsbo marketing appraisals, current topics in the appraisal profession, the real estate market in the Birmingham, Alabama area, appraisal humor, and the general real estate market.