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Research and writing for, an internet directory of property management companies in the U.S. and Canada. I'm also an ex-real estate attorney.
Well, we got audited by the Washington Real Estate Commission yesterday - and it wasn't awful at all! I knew an audit was bound to happen sooner or later, but hadn't expected it this soon (I just got my broker's license in December 2006).Just hearing the word "audit" sent a shock wave of adrenali...
As usual, single family home or condo (<$300K) was the most popular search on the website in terms of the type of property needing to be managed.  Also as usual, California, Florida and Texas led  in terms of geographic location.  Finally, the prize for the most popu...
As our site (a directory of property management companies - we do lead generation) becomes stronger and more populated, we're starting to get calls from property manager clients using our site complaining that other clients on the site in their area aren't fully licensed.  More often than not, it...
According to our website statistics, a number of people are looking for property management companies located in Chico, California to manage their single family homes - in fact a Chico zip code got more searches for single family homes this month than any other zip code.  The thing is, property m...
Here's creative solution to a tenant who just won't leave from when I was practicing real estate law.   I had a client come to me who hadn't been using a property manager.  He had rented a small house to some tenants and he didn't check references (how many times have I heard that!).  By the time...
Owning an investment property is a great step towards financial independence.  While many owners decide to manage the property themselves, others find that having a property management company manage their asset for them can greatly simplify their lives.  Depending on whether or not they have a r...
Here's information on the top internet searches for property managers by state, and then also by type of property on the website in March 2007.As is typical, California and Florida dominated in terms of geography - more people are looking for property management companie...
I've been reading loads on active rain about internet marketing and lead generation - it seems to be something of a hot topic.   My company does lead generation for the property management industry (we connect property owners with property managers), so perhaps it's a little different than with p...
So, I work for All Property Management, LLC.  Our website,,  connects property owners with property managers (we're in the "lead generation" business). As part of my job, I'm doing a bunch of research on property management regulation in each state, and I've noticed ...

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Tracey March
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Research and social media for All Property Management, LLC, an internet directory of property management companies in the U.S. and Canada. I'm also a rental investment owner and an ex-real estate attorney and ex-real estate broker.