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Periodically I hear from readers who want to make $1 million in real estate -- quickly and with no money down. Usually they want to know more about real estate foreclosures -- how to buy them and how to profit from such homes. I've participated in a couple of these deals, and I'm now working on m...
Look around at blogs and news sites around the real estate side of the Internet and you'll see there's a lot of buzz about hitting the bottom in the condo market in various regions of the country. J.P. Morgan Chase economist James Glassman argues in a new report linked from the Wall Street Journa...
By Tim McLaughlin According to a report released by CNN this past week, it may be the best time to buy a house in more than four years. Valuations on home prices (the difference between what a home should cost and its actual price) are the lowest they've been since 2004, according to the report. ...
By M. Anthony CarrProperty line issues have suddenly cropped up in the emails I've received in the past few weeks. It appears that homeowners are more aware of their property lines (specifically if a neighbor is violating it) during the spring and summer months than at other times. As we get out ...
By M. Anthony CarrCongress has spoken on the economic stimulus package and that means most of us are going to get a nice little check in the bank - complements of yourself (it's your money anyway, right?) Included in the package is a section that will increase the loan limits for conforming home ...
In case you're wanting the loan limit info from the horse/elephant's mouth, here's the link to the language from the Library of Congress (complements of those who live in the shadow of the White House!).  
Here's the Big Real Estate Story - Interest rates are headed in the 5-ish range again and prices have leveled. That's it. End of story. Sign here. In fact, the market is actually turning around. Despite what the two dailies have reported, homeowners and shoppers must look at pocket markets to det...
by M. Anthony CarrWhat do you do when the dishwasher has spewed soapy water across the kitchen floor and leaked down on your neighbor below? Who's responsible? The landlord or the tenant? Across the country, tenant law differs as much as the geography. Nevertheless, some principles remain the sam...
By M. Anthony CarrI'm in the middle of jury duty. As you approach the courthouse entrance there is obviously a very long line to check in. In a post 9/11 world, those of us in the Washington, D.C. area have become accustom to security forces rifling through our bags, computers and the like for en...
by M. Anthony Carr If you've bought or sold a home in the past year, now is the time to go through your paperwork to find the forms, bills, and old checks you'll need in April -- and beyond. Having sold three properties within a 13-month period, I learned quite a bit about what records the IRS re...

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