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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? My role as a loan officer is to put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the most value. In 2008 I was awared the NAMP Integrity Seal (ethics & professional commitment to consumers), also received CRMS & CMC designations. Less than 1/2% of all loan officers have achieved these levels of recognition.
I just could not believe that the question has not been asked!  TOXIC ASSET SOLUTION discussed on Meet the Press with Tim Geitner $100 million in toxic assets.  Bank reserve against this pool of $30 million = net value of $70 million -  with possible additional writedowns needed in the furture. T...
 The Ides of March are being celebrated with the annual March Madness Half Marathon tomorrow, March 15 in Cary, IL.  The race begins and ends at the Cary-Grove High School on Three Oaks Road.  The route is 13.1 miles long and is organized by the Hill Striders Running Club of Crystal Lake.  Last y...
Another example of - *  one hand ($8000 stimulus) not knowing what the other hand (tigher lending)is doing or * the government "giveith" and the government "taketh away" but it is certain that >>>>> the $8000 is in the news to get support while the harsher standard are buried so no one sees it. T...
Consider this - As has always been the case, people try to hide income from the IRS.  Liar loans became the mortgage of choice for these homeowners.  They claimed an income that was higher than they reported on their tax returns.  Yet, somehow they were able to make the payments for years - proba...
  1600 Colonial Parkway  Iverness, IL 60067 Phone: (847) 359-5300       As you read this remember that every dollar that will be spent needs to be repaid.  The question you need to ask is will the dollars be spent in a way that will provide long term benefits that w...
Special Report02/12/2009The financial markets have had a lot to digest in the last two days: - Treasury Secretary Geithner announced an all-encompassing plan that had the complete opposite effect on Wall Street and was bereft of any real details.  This is already being used as a case study by uni...
If you have applied for a mortgage recently, you have probably found that your appraised value is lower than you hoped it would be.  If you have applied for a mortage refinance you may have found that the appraised value is lower than it needed to be for you to refinance.  If you are an appraiser...
For those of you that hear that mortgage rates will be dropping again and turned down a 5.5% rate, please read this - Special Report - 02/06/2009The number one topic of conversation among borrowers and loan officers right now is: We hear that the government is working on a program that will make ...
If you are buying or refinancing a condo with less than 25% equity, you may have already felt the pain.  Lenders have created another way of covering their backs.  Condo mortgages carry at least a 3/4% penalty in closing costs.  Borrowing $200,000 and you will pay an extra $1500.  If you know thi...
I have read stories where tornadoes have hurled pieces of wood so fast that they have penetrated concrete walls.  Too bad the wind coming out of Washington is focused on PORK and RHETORIC  and can not focus their energies on making mortgage lending more helpful. There are thousands of homeowners ...


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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? We put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the right mortgage the first time and every time. Check our website at for helpful information