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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? My role as a loan officer is to put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the most value. In 2008 I was awared the NAMP Integrity Seal (ethics & professional commitment to consumers), also received CRMS & CMC designations. Less than 1/2% of all loan officers have achieved these levels of recognition.
Current guidelines make it very difficult for condo financing.  There are however options that may be overlooked. 1) New Construction - it may be that the developer continues to have a construction loan in place.  If so, current financing guidelines may make it impossible to sell units with anyth...
Don't miss a mortgage payment - make sure you take action to verify this information with TBW and your new servicer.  You should receive a good bye letter from TBW and a welcome letter from your new servicer.  If not, make a call.  There have been scams in the past where a dummy PO box is used to...
Thanks for the opportunity to "vent". It is amazing how some people and organizations continue to give lip service to the notion that "service released premiums" are incentives to steer consumers to their detriment. THIS IS WRONG AND ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THE SYSTEM WOULD KNOW THIS!  As a mortga...
Everyone is an expert.  Interest rates are moving - up? down? sideways?  So much depends on who you ask.  I recently spoke with a client who told me that someone he works with said rates dropped.  He asked how much and was told at least 1 percent.  My client was excited because he had been quoted...
If only those that increase taxes would be accountable and pay their taxes.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points out that the Chairman of the Houes Ways and Means committee, Representative Charles Rangel has been causual about his tax liability for years.  Read the article at http:...
Andrew Cuomo, in his quest to become Senator has settled for KING by putting the HVCC system in place.  He didn't care about consumers.  He didn't care about small business.  He didn't care about punishing the criminals.  All he wanted was publicity and he continues to get that - and perhaps the ...
LESSON #1 Yesterday OBAMA said that the stimulus package was working!  The reason that was given is that the new claims for unemployment was down.  After giving that some serious analytical thought (maybe 10 seconds), I found that I was getting dizzy from the SPIN.  Here is why I don't see it tha...
FIVE STARS!  Trouble making your mortgage payment?  Lost your job?  Payment going up?  Banks keep passing you from idiot to idiot - no one seems to care?  No modification is being offered? Well, there is a solution!  A new movie is coming out May 29 that answers the question "what can a homeowner...
If you haven't noticed, homeowner's with second mortgage financing are again being taken advantage of! Example - Home value of $300,000 and you have $300,000  in mortgage debt.  If you have one loan for $300,000,  you will get a rate that is 1/2 - 3/4% lower than if your first mortgage was only $...
Treasury secretary Tim Geitner has just released the details of a program that will allow banks to make money on the TOXIC ASSETS.  Step 1 - Bank writee down assets to a level that the accountants can live with (say $60 million) but still overstates their value buy at least $10 million.  Step 2 -...


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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? We put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the right mortgage the first time and every time. Check our website at for helpful information