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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? My role as a loan officer is to put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the most value. In 2008 I was awared the NAMP Integrity Seal (ethics & professional commitment to consumers), also received CRMS & CMC designations. Less than 1/2% of all loan officers have achieved these levels of recognition.
Reason exists - the April Fools Day implementation of a  Fed Rule that would hurt mortgage broker flexibility has been delayed as the Court reviews the case.  Probably the biggest surprise is that REASON prevailed at least for one weekend.  Why did the Court wait this long?  Is this a sign that t...
Hide ANGELO CUSINATO Bloomber quotes Bernake and Angelo Cusinato. Bernanke - Recovery Flawed ... Credit Denied to Consumers Mortgage underwriters "have no latitude for common sense," said Angelo Cusinato, president of Resource Plus Mortgage Corp., a home-loan broker in Inverness, Illinois. "They...
April Fools Day - Pick the one that has the best chance of coming true. A) Charlie Sheen will be locked up B) Carlos Zambrano may predict that he will win the Cy Young Award C) Pat Quinn may visit New Jersy to establish a truce D) Consumers will loose more options when buying their home. E) All o...
When you are fighting for your life, nothing hurts more than having someone take away your ammunition.  The regulators must have forgotten the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and this year they made changes to Reg Z that affect the Truth in Lending Disclosure.  While the old disclosure w...
Case #1 - Credit score 8 months ago were all above 780.  Since then, a $75 parking tickets was sent to collection and credit score drops to 690.  The difference in costs to obtain the same interest rate - $6000.  Client does not believe he or his car were in the area where the ticket was issued y...
As the clock ticks down to April 1, 2011, , one wonders how the mortgage broker industry will respond.  The FED has stepped in to regulate compensation in expectation that this will protect the consumer.  Yet, the various interpretations suggest that it is the consumer that will be hurt the most....
Any suggestions? Scenario - Homeowner wants to refinance and not sure of the value. First appraisal - 7/27/2010 comes in at $325,000 but lender will not do cash out on a condo even at 65% LTV - and took 30 days for underwriting to notice that cash out was  being requested. (This is another issue ...
Does it surprise you that the second installment of the Cook County real estate tax bills has not yet been released?  Do you think they are being delayed until after the November elections?  Why else would a cash strapped county like Cook County delay the billing and collection of real estate tax...
As a mortgage broker, I know how important it is to monitor credit and to fix errors as soon as possible.  Now that I have trained my clients I find that the now excellent credit borrowers with "disputes" are facing a roadblock to their mortgage financing. How is this possible?  About six months ...
I'm back.  I tried connectMLS during 2009 and found that contact information was not dependable and I was missing some e-mails.  Given that the purchase market was down, I decided not to renew my subscription.  Lately, as the home buyer market appears to be stabalizing and possibly (do I even say...


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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? We put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the right mortgage the first time and every time. Check our website at for helpful information