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Mortgage and Lending - First Centennial Mortgage - NMLS # 132763
Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? My role as a loan officer is to put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the most value. In 2008 I was awared the NAMP Integrity Seal (ethics & professional commitment to consumers), also received CRMS & CMC designations. Less than 1/2% of all loan officers have achieved these levels of recognition.
How many credit cards do you have?  How many credit cards do you carry?  How many credit cards would you miss if one fell out of your purse or wallet?  How many cards would you miss if you left it at a gas station, store or restaurant?  The more you have, the more risky it is that a card would fa...
What else should you do to reduce risk of identity theft?As a mortgage professional, I have heard all the horror stories about identity theft.  The following are suggestions that I have passed on to my clients as ways to reduce the risk of identity theft.  I hope this saves one of you the pain an...
The following announcement was made by the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals and is effective immediatly.  The Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers (IAMB) has changed their name to the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals (IAMP).Here's what is happening?The Illinois Ass...
I have a great first mortgage rate of 5.25% but my equity line of credit payment has doubled!  Does it make sense to consolidate my first and equity line?  The answer could be determined by calculating the "blended rate".  A simple way of doing this is to take each mortgage balance times their in...
Will someone please tell me why doing something financially correct results in a lower credit score?  1) You are sitting there with balances on three credit cards at 14-21%.  As luck would have it, you receive an offer to transfer your balances to a zero interest credit card.  No interest for 12 ...
What do you mean the late payments are my problem!  I gave him the house with a quit claim deed and my divorce decree says that I'm not liable for the mortgage!  As all attorneys know, just because the decree tells one party to make the payment, both parties remain liable for a missed payment, a ...
I usually relax by reading one of the spy thrillers like Ludlum or Clancy. If they don't have a new release, I settle for Patterson, etc.  I was fortunate to receive a gift of Tony Dungy's book Quiet Strength.  I started reading it this past weekend and will probably finish it tonight.  Quite a s...
In 1998, we were looking for a way of thanking the community that contributed to our success and came up with a monthly sharing program.  Each month, one of our employees is selected and they select a charity that means something to them.  We didn't want someone just coming up with the flavor of ...
Lowest mortgage payment! Borrow $575,000 for $1677 per month > click here!   Who are you trying to fool?  $1677/month would be 3.5% per year.  Does it sound too good to be true?  Of course it does.  Yet, this is the type of payment that is being advertised on the internet.  This advertising is de...


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Why overpay for a home by overpaying for a mortgage? We put education at the top of the list for homebuyers & prepare them to get the right mortgage the first time and every time. Check our website at for helpful information