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These past few years have been challenging times in the real estate world to say the least. Now more than ever it's important to know what you need to do to to get your house sold. PRICE: Pricing is key now more than ever as as buyers have many options including buying short sales and foreclosur...
  Have you been sitting on the sidelines over the past few years watching the dream of owning a new home pass you buy?  Have you wondered how people were buying as prices were going through the roof while incomes were stable?    You can be glad that you waited as NOW is a great time for you to bu...
          When you sell a house, the buyers will probably schedule a home inspection before they are contractually obligated to purchase the home.  If the inspector finds areas that need attention or repair, the buyers may produce a list of items they are concerned about, and may want to discuss ...
The domino effect occurs when a small change causes a similar changenearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on inlinear sequence. The domino effect also relates to a chain of events. How does this relate to our local real estate market?I am convinced that we are waiting for t...
 Like anything in life you can look at something as half empty or half full.  Our current market is no exception.  There is no question that this year has seen an increase in the average market time it takes to sell a house.  In fact in the Seattle area, there is an average of six months worth of...
The times have definately changed.  I was stunned at the statistics from our multiple that I just saw.  Many of our areas that typically have had market times averaging 2 months of inventory have stretched to an average of 6 months.  Some communities are up to over 10 months.  This along with a m...
That is the question being asked of many professional agents by their clients at this time of the year.  Particularly this year as we work at gaining the confidence that we still have a viable market to sell in.  Unlike what most people would guess the fall is usually the second best time of the ...

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