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I am sure I will be picking up alot of tips and maybe some business. I will be coming from Ferndale, Wa. Let me know maybe we can trade stories or some ideas since there seems to be more REO's and short sale coming thru.
My feeling about this is that as long as there is no downpayment money for buyers and unemployment continues over 9 or 10 percent it is going to be very hard for feds to raise rates. Buyers who saved money and have great credit have the pick of the litter and can use it on sellers. What a get tim...
I hope I wasn't the only one that at least pick up a tip or two from this. Well presented and I could do it again. Hint Hint. Now its time to process and apply. I hate social media but if it works Iam in.
Just finished my second first time home buyers class and it was a success. Great students and excellent input by WIN Inspector Dennis Louthan and Unity Group agent Roxanne McCloud. Next class set for May 22,2010 10:00-3:30 at Ferndale RE/MAX office. Learn more every time I do a presentation. Than...
I don't know about you but I will.....get this program figured out. Sitting in second webinar on this today with at 1:00 pst. I am not sure how many people will benefit. But with all the realtors understanding program maybe we can contibute to the numbers.
This morning was set aside for training in Bellingham from Brad Hanks with Connecting People with Success. I learned way to much, need to do one thing I picked up at a time. I will be good at Marketing Homes in Ferndale and all of Whatcom County sooner than later and then the world. Yes I can.  
I volunteered for this event and it was one of the most learning experience I have been to in such a large venue. So many people needed help and got it. You all need to volunteer at one of these events just to see the crazy things that go on in the mortgage business. I did exit surveys and 90% of...
This should be an exciting class we call it lunch and learn. Learning about youtube and leadstreet should be interesting I really need to use these tools.
Just finished my RES.NET Certification now. Will this help? I have been doing short sale since 90's  and this seems to be the way to go and what asset managers are looking for. Any ideas............ on what else will catch their eyes let me know  always willing to learn even after 29 years.
Well  here I go again another class for the Washington State Commission. Did it once and now will do again.  On April 3, 2010 at RE/MAX office in Ferndale. I need a speaker or two who's up to it !!!! Free lunch from Quizno's. Helping put buyers into the maze of lending and realtor land ( not like...

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