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I was doing USDA RD loans in Florida ( or United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development) back in the ‘good ol days' before the bust. Back when almost no one else was doing them. I couldn't  get anyone in my office to listen to me. The USDA RD loan in Florida program is true 100% finan...
So what else is new? Lenders are already buckling under the dual mandates from HUD FHA to 1. Make more loans and make it easier to get a loan and, 2. Follow the ever-increasing restrictions and tightening guidelines on each and every loan. And if they miss just one, HUD FHA will try to make them ...
Have you ever wondered exactly what a VA loan was? A VA Loan is another government backed loan, exactly like FHA! Only the VA loan is backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC, and the FHA loan is backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The VA Loan in Orland...
Have you ever wondered what is going on with credit and mortgages in this country? I do everyday, and I'm in the business. If you want an FHA loan in Orlando where I'm from or Florida, you'd better read this and heed carefully. Government backed mortgages, including and especially FHA, are still ...
Let’s talk about an FHA Mortgage in Florida for a bit. FHA Mortgages in Florida are controlled by HUD-Housing and Urban Development, out of Washington DC. While there are no income limits for an FHA Mortgage in Florida, HUD does establish maximum loan amounts by county, based on the published med...
Yes, it is true! Jumbo Loans, Great Rates, High LTV’s, In-House in Florida Great News for Florida Real Estate Agents-I am now offering Jumbo Loans with High LTV’s and great rates in house. That’s right! We underwrite and close in-house. The Jumbo market is still alive and well in Florida, believe...
You should use an FHA Loan in Orlando, central Florida, or anywhere else in Florida for that matter, if possible. Even though HUD just changed its MIP factors; the upfront MIP and the monthly MIP, an using an FHA Loan in Orlando to buy your home is the smartest way to go, if you are not a Veteran...

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