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'Ping' - ing me to death? What? All righty now! I've known about Ping as an SMO strategy for a long time. It's one-stop 'all-your-social-media-at-one-time' update shop. You get your account with Ping and link it to all of your SMO sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Here's what sort of floo...
An FHA Loan in Orlando is the best option for financing in central Florida! Most people, even some real estate agents, do not realize that an FHA Loan in Orlando will allow them to buy a fantastic home to live in for only 3.5% down, low 30 year fixed rates, and no prepayment penalties! And, using...
An FHA Loan in Orlando is the best kept secret in town!  The maximum mortgage amount for an FHA Loan in Orlando is currently $353,750. An FHA loan in Orlando requires a down payment of 3.5% or $12,830. This equates to a mathematical sales price of $366,600! First and foremost, this would save you...
Your Systems and Processes, No 5-Wasting time with Email! Lesson Number 4 was your introduction into 'Time Management" fallacies, or as I like to refer to it, "Schedule Discipline" Here is your first tip on becoming more disciplined to your schedule, hence a better 'time manager', ergo (I love ge...
STAY RELEVANT! I am a huge proponent of staying ahead of the game when it comes to SMO and Internet Technology. And, I just coined a new acronym- SMI! Social Media Interaction. We all know, it's not the 'coming' thing-it's THE thing now! As an example, check out this internet article on the trend...
Yes friends, it is all about your systems and processes! Too much time on your hands means not enough business. Not enough business creates fear and motivation that starts intense phone work and marketing campaigns, either new or what you've always done in the past that seemed to work.   Mike Fer...
It IS all about your systems and processes! It's late on Friday and I'm a bit tired so this will not be superlong. As a matter of fact, it's my first blog that is truly a stream-of-consciousness, "write what I'm feeling at the moment" effort and it feels kind of good. Your, my, our ability to do ...

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