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Door Repair Manteca    From time to time I'll get a call asking "can you just repair my door". To which I respond "What happened?". If they answered that the door was kicked in during a burglary my first initial thought is that it is un-repairable. With that said, I would have to schedule a time ...
Wood window repair, Manteca CA    Repairing wood windows starts like everything else. You need to do some research and find out a few things. Wood species and joinery are probably the two most important things when repairing an old sash style window. Manufacturers use complex joinery to help sust...
Wainscot & Crown Molding Stockton A licensed finish carpenter is classified as a specialty (C6) contractor. They are not supposed to change the supporting structure of the building, at least not without a permit. Sometimes a window or door opening may need to be re-framed to accommodate a taller ...
Crown Moulding Modesto  Installing crown molding is an art. At least it can be, depending on a few things. The type of crown you're installing can be plain or it can be extravagant in detail, such as 2-step crown molding. The rule of thumb for a good installation (at least as far as I'm concerned...
Door Installer in Modesto  There are lots of ways to install a door. I have seen the old method of a plumb bob hanging from the ceiling, the level and some people just use the distance from the wall to the door to hang it. One thing is for sure; if you don't hang it right, it will bother you for ...
Stockton CA Home Inspection In the central valley of California, we experienced most likely the biggest foreclosures rate in California. I do not have the statistics however i know it is a fairly accurate statement to start with. 2008 marked a general change in property history all across the glo...
Tracy CA Home Inspector Inspecting houses around Tracy California often is really like Indiana Jones on yet another adventure. Treading through clutter and sometimes destroyed belongings in some bank owned properties generally is a realistic concern. These types of homes sometimes hold the unfort...
Home Inspection Tracy CA   We very often get what we expect and frequently we receive a little extra. When your home inspection results were less than good, it might be because the home inspector skipped something.Being a niche contractor in finish woodworking along with a former service represen...
   Once in awhile I come across a salesman who reminds me of Mr. Haney from the show Green Acres. "Would you be interested in this genuine replica of a bronze colored plasticized Japanese coin"?    Are not required.. there's something missing to this statement when I hear certain salesmen (and wo...
Turlock CA Homes - Sellers Home Inspection Sellers inspections can be the best marketing tool for a home owner looking to sell their home or property. Getting a sellers inspection allows for a broad range of advertising tools.    Providing a potential buyer a copy of an unbiased home inspection r...

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