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I specialize in helping Real Estate Brokers and Agents with their taxes, and I've prepared nearly 1,000 Realtor tax returns over the years.The one area where agents consistently fail to maximize their business deductions is car and truck expense. After buying a home, buying a car is your second b...
Did you know ...if you have employees working in your business, and you haven't paid payroll taxes, you can become personally responsible for those taxes? Even if the business itself ceases to exist, you can be assessed for the tax debt.How is this possible?Everyone knows that real estate sales i...
I've worked with many good Realtors over the years who haven't filed tax returns.An agent's  "busy season" (March - April - May) matches up perfectly with the IRS filing deadline. Which means Realtors can get so busy serving clients that they lose track of the tax timeline.  I'm excited about the...
I've worked with many good Realtors over the years who find themselves in trouble with the IRS. They receive a notice of Federal Tax Lien or notice of Intent to Levy, and don't know what to do about it.Fortunately, taxpayers have powerful appeal rights.The IRS Collection Division cannot simply le...
I prepare hundreds of Realtor tax returns every tax season. Historically, over 70% of them take the Standard IRS Mileage Rate because it’s the quick and easy way to claim auto expense.But is it the best way?Standard Mileage Rate MethodLet’s say you claim 10,000 business miles this year. (You prob...
If there's one thing I've learned in providing bookkeeping and tax services to Realtors over the past 15 years, it's that the only thing that's constant is change!Whether you are… a real estate broker who paid agent commissions in 2020, or an agent who paid a virtual assistant last year … there a...
It's almost tax time. (Ugh!)  I prepare hundreds of tax returns for real estate agents and brokers each tax season, and receive dozens of question about what is needed, what's deductible, can an extension be filed, etc. So to help you spend less time and money on taxes and tax prep, here's 7 esse...
I work with many Realtors who fall behind on taxes, and then make mistakes trying to resolve things.Many jump into monthly payment plans they can't afford, thinking an Installment Agreement is their only option. To prevent the IRS from filing a Federal Tax Lien, levying their bank account or seiz...
I've worked with hundreds of Realtors over the years to reduce their IRS tax bite and gain control over their finances. Many find it hard to manage cash flow when closings and commission income fluctuate up and down. But COVID times aren't 'normal times';  financial challenges have intensified. H...
Many Realtors receive IRS notices that create nothing but confusion and fear if the agent is not familar with the IRS Collection Process.I'm authorized to help taxpayers in all 50 states to navigate the IRS Collection Process, so here's information to help you gain clarity, control, and peace of ...

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