Buyer education has become one of my passions over the last several years. There are many first time home buyers in todays market and why not? It is a fabulous time to buy! Interest rates are still low, and you may even qualify for the $8K tax credit! Can you purchase?? Always ask questions and n...
My own personal experience has convinced me to never own a coop. I owned a condo for six years with no issue... my coop is constantly adding legal fees and maintenance supplemental charges to my bill without prior notice or consent.  I am financially strapped by my coop, as it is less flexible in...
So, I guess I can say I am 'hopeful', but some may say 'gullible' instead!  I have a relationship with a lead referral service to whom I pay a referral fee for every closed deal.  So far, I have yet to receive an 'A' buyer, but I get a lot of emails!   Secondly, I decided to try another lead refe...
Yes, but how??? I have not been in the business long enough to get word of mouth referrals.  The only listing I ever got, was my next door neighbor, and my manager STOLE the listing from me for himself!  He made me do all of the work, actually, OFFERED that I could do all of the work to get buyer...
I don't know if I'll ever get used to the game of pricing, offers,  BLAH BLAH BLAH "If you want a price of A, then you better ask for more, because buyers always want to pay less, and then you won't get what you are asking." But if you overprice, or 'buy listings" as we call it, then you are gett...
It drives me crazy when agents try to make a listing look better through distorted photos, or exaggerated features.  Don't tell me it's a 2 bedroom when the room is 8x9 and can barely fit a desk and chair!  Let's work together to find our clients what they really want and not waste everyone's tim...

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