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Discover the power and impact great photography has in motivating buyers to visit homes for sale.
I am pleased to offer my 4-part webinar series, "Improving Your Photography" through Home Staging & Redesign (SAR) Training. Whether you are a Home Stager or REALTOR, your photographs go a LONG way to conveying who you are, and what you do.  Let my webinar series guide you through various aspects...
Hey Gang: Chrissie Sutherland of Ready Set Stage and I took on a really fun project last month, a wonderfully charming home built in 1910.  The owners made a lot of really nice upgrades, and of course, Chrissie's magical touch completed the scene. Here are the before and afters: Greensboro Photog...
Hey Gang: Well, this has been a LONG time coming, I actually shot these projects for the über-talented Melissa Marro of First Impressions back in May, and I am just now getting around to posting them. If you have not had the opportunity to meet, work, or learn with Melissa, you are missing out.  ...
Hey Gang: I present to you, the Four Horse(wo)men of Triad Home Staging! Recently, Chrissie Sutherland, Kim Lee, Lori Nicholson and Angele Carlson got together on a joint project to stage a vacant home that is being shown in the Greensboro Parade of Homes.  If you recall, I featured rookie stager...
Well, Chrissie Sutherland is at it again!  Another HOME RUN staging project just completed.  Now, this is a redesign, and I don't have any befores, so I don't know what she did exactly, but I ALWAYS know when Chrissie does a project because she usually has a starfish in the Master Bathroom...kind...
Hmm, y'all must be onto something here because I have had my third new Home Stager in a month contact me for photographs.  I am pleased to introduce Lori Nicholson and her company, "Stylishly Staged Home Staging" out of Lexington, NC (GREAT BBQ there by the way!).  Lori met me through an ASHSR me...
Hey Gang: "Image is EVERYTHING." As an owner of a visually driven business, I understand how critical it is to have things that just WOW potential clients and present you and your business as being very serious in what you do.  Since Facebook has become such an integral part of many business mode...
One of my favorite tools as a photographer is the cropping tool.  This allows me to be creative in many different ways and, it allows me the opportunity to rethink images after I am back in the studio and can really see what I have captured.  Here is a case in point. Recently, I was retained to p...
Hey Gang: Well, here it is, home number three from my weekend working for Melissa Marro of First Impressions and  Overall, I believe the project was a huge success for both of us as I am already getting inquiries for more work down there, and I am sure, by extension Melissa will ha...
Hey Gang: Here is part two of my three-part project with Melissa Marro.  Again, just a textbook stage!  The REALTOR hired a "professional" to do their photos, and here is a link to look at those photos in a new browser window:

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Discover the power and impact dramatic real estate photography has in motivating buyers to visit homes for sale.

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