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What does this mean to YOU?? 1. INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE for your Clients Listings through our Luxury Portfolio for your Million Dollar Plus Listings. 2. Real Estate Referrals through RELOcation Services. 3. Company Generated Client Assistance. Through our interactive website, Buyers and Sellers c...
If you've been reading my blogs, you KNOW how much I love working at Seven Gables! The Agents, the Staff Support, the Marketing Department, and the MANAGEMENT! I look forward to getting to work everyday and learn something new from this talented pool of people! I want to talk a little bit about M...
I received a phone call today from a young man very interested in becoming a Realtor. He said HE knew people that were going to be buying and selling million dollar plus homes. In his words..."THAT'S the kind of clientele I want to work with!" Luxury Home Sales is what Seven Gables is KNOWN for, ...
With the Olympics in full swing, I have been thinking a lot about how it all works. We have Team America….People rally for our Olympic Contenders regardless of what the event is. Some are solo events such as boxing, racket sports or martial arts, but even they have a TEAM of people making sure th...
That seems to be our Market Theme Song! It's a Buyers Market...No! It's a Sellers Market! The truth is IT'S A REAL ESTATE MARKET...and this means that everyday, there are people BUYING AND SELLING Real Estate. Some are buying their first home. Others are looking for investment properties. There a...
Last night we had a graduation ceremony for our latest graduates in our Journey to Mastery! 6 agents total. Some with experience and some brand spanking new! Michelle and Tammy from Alliance Mutual Escrow were gracious enough to host the Graduation Ceremony at their office, and Kevin McGee from F...
There are certain things in life that give us a sense of value. Sometimes, it comes in the form of praise or acknowledgment on a job well done, but let’s face it: Who DOESN’T want to know how much they are worth monetarily? You work on the weekends and meet people at Open Houses. You connect. Yo...
So, I got my hair cut this weekend…why is this enough for me to post a blog about it? Because as I was drying my hair this morning, I realized I HATED IT! I have always been pretty experimental with my hair. I’ve had it short, long, blonde, red, streaked and at one point in my life, I even had it...
I recently sent my blog link to a soon to be Realtor, Rosemary. This was her response: "Wow those stats are scary, and pretty intimidating. I think that high rate of failure is due in large part to newcomers expecting to make too much money but not wanting to do the work that goes with it. I'm s...
One of the things I love to do, is to share my blogs with everyone, and get feedback! I recently sent my last blog to a gal who is going through Real Estate School, Erika. I sent her the link, and asked her permission to post our conversation. She graciously said yes. Here it is: New Blog: Let me...


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