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Valentine’s Day. A day meant for us to express to love ones (whether they be friends, family, employees, clients, customers or just those that we come across in daily existence) how much we care about them. We all do this in various ways through cards, gifts, letters, emails and phone calls. The ...
Recently while searching the web and trying to find "social marketing" type of activities, I came across and Q&A board and another Virtual Assistant posted the question - for those of you that have used Virtual Assistants, what worked and what didn't?  She got an honest answer about the fact that...
Today I was doing transcription and one of the speakers on the audio said: “I have a theory that I know I am not the best at what I do, but I don’t like the idea that there is somebody that does a better job.” What I took from this… this is a great thought to never underestimate ourselves and our...
New Years for me has always been a time of reflection for me. I think about the past year and what I had originally set out to accomplish and what I actually got done. This past year, I found that everything I set out to do, did not get done. But, others things did. So… are resolutions really the...
In today's business world, with everything as virtual as it is, all we have left is customer service.  I'm not clear why people, namely small business owners, don't realize how gravely important it is to get back in touch with their clients and better yet, potential clients.  It's not enough to t...
I work from home... and I have six dogs.  Yes, six.  And, they are all considered "large".  So, you know that I have fun.  :)  But, back to working at home.  I love what I do and how I do it.  Most days I stay very focused, get a lot of things completed and at the end of the day feel that I have ...
So, I have decided to jump on to the blog band wagon... while currently I have no clue what I will be talking to the world about, for now, I just wanted to put something down so that I can check on DO YOUR BLOG on my to-do list for the day!  Since joining Active Rain, which has not been long, I h...

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