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Managing Real Estate Broker - Kimi Correa, Broker-in-Charge at LUVA - RB - 22542
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  Oahu Upscale Real Estate Report   November 2011   Quick Summary   Oahu Single Family Homes Sales: down 3% from last year; down 19% from last month.   Oahu Condos Sales: up 3% from last year, down 11% from last month.   Oahu SFH Escrows: down 17% from last year; down 14% from last month.   Oahu ...
Avoiding Financial Stress By asking the right questions, and knowing exactly what your needs are, you can find the right loan for you. There are certain approaches that you can take while mortgage shopping that can cost or save you money. It is still true that the better qualifications you have, ...
Why Buy Instead of Rent? When you buy, you lock in your payments for up to 30 years, instead of paying ever higher rents. And every month, you reduce your principal, building your equity even beyond appreciation. Then, you can tap into that home equity to lower other expenses. Because home equity...
  Oahu Upscale Real Estate Report   October 2011   Quick Summary  Oahu Single Family Homes Sales: up 5% from last year; up 4% from last month.    Oahu Condos Sales: up 27% from last year, up 6% from last month.    Oahu SFH Escrows: up 8% from last year; up 1% from last month.   Oahu Condos Escrow...
This is just for fun........ I think I would go to daily spin class if this happened. I guarantee a smile on your face - ENJOY  :)   Now here’s some good incentive to exercise!
GREAT, GREAT, GREAT blog post!!!!!!! I know I will refer to it when at a loss for words ( which happens a lot, still trying to get on the blogging train). Thank you so much for sharing this with us Kerry!!The battle with "Blogger's Block" is officially OVER!   Thanks to all of my fellow ActiveRa...
I have read a few blog posts about the photo editing site called Picnik. I must say thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing everyone. I Love it!!!! Not only is it inexpensive (well, you can actually do the editing for free - can't get cheaper than that), it is also so easy. Here is my hand at...
Kimi Correa,REALTOR®, helping Buyers and Sellers on the Windward Side of Oahu   What's going on this week in Kailua? Well, if you have never been I would HIGHLY recommend you check out the evening Kailua Farmers Market It is one of the 2 Farmers Market held on Thursdays in Kailua. The 'evening' f...
Thinking About Buying a Foreclosure? With the housing bubble burst and the subprime mortgage crisis, millions of homeowners found themselves unable to make their mortgage payments. Many found themselves owing more on the house than the home was worth. Many just walked away from their homes. As a ...

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Helping Sellers and Buyers in the State of Hawaii
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Kimi Correa,RA, SRS, MRP, ABR - Helping Buyers and Sellers in the State of Hawaii