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Stated Income Programs   Don't need to verify income Faster approval Higher rates Higher down payment No point, No fee Programs   No closing costs Less money required to close Higher rates Higher payments Imperfect Credit Programs   Potential for re-establishing credit if you pay your mortgage o...
Fixed Rate Mortgages 30 year fixed15 year fixed Monthly payments are fixed over the life of the loan Interest rate does not change Protected if rates go up Can refinance if rates go down Higher interest rate Higher mortgage payments Rate does not drop if interest rates improve Adjustable Rate Mo...
Years you plan to stay in the house Recommended program 1-3 3/1 ARM, 1 year ARM or 6 month ARM 3-5 5/1 ARM 5-7 7/1 ARM 7-10 10/1 ARM, 30 year fixed or 15 year fixed 10+ 30 year fixed or 15 year fixed
There are many variations of these mortgage loan programs and numerous loan options that we offer.  We will be happy to fully explain all of your loan options.Fixed Rates - Fixed rate mortgages have level, constant payments of principal and interest because the interest cannot change.  It is fixe...

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