“Real estate agents are business owners. Getting started is really hard. In that great struggle the new agent invariably asks”“What do I do now?” “Am I even focusing on the right thing, right now?” “What should I be doing next?” If this sounds like’re certainly not alone. I’ve asked mys...
Empty calories. Salt/sugar/fat. You know what I’m talking about: the calories that give you a good rush for 30 seconds but ultimately do much more harm than good. They are destructive. Eating too many of them will lead to physical and mental stagnation (and even worse). And there’s a word that ge...
Let me know which version you like best. Hey, you can even include a 'why you like it' statement if you want.Each video is 60 second in length. This one is Bam 6This one is BAM 4Of specific interest is the use of titles to present the questions.November 9, 2017 at 7:30 am.Incorporating the sugges...
I want to learn to play the piano.I've said that for years and still can not play the piano. Because wishful thinking, thoughts, are not things.To play the piano I need to get off the sidelines and touch those keys. A little training could prove beneficial also.New agent, when it comes time to ma...

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