Hey Rainers and all, I get a lot of calls from real estate agents (REA) asking me how to get better at marketing. Usually it's from newbies who summoned the courage to dial my hard to find number. They are trying to grow their business, and there's usually a common thread running through these q...
Ferraris and How To Overcome The Headline Delima & Get More Subscribers Just a few blocks from my house, on Tampa Road in Palm Harbor Florida is a Ferrari dealership. It is not uncommon to have one of these machines snarl past as they beat me tothe next red light or stop sign.  So I had to stop i...
Greatness takes WORK.It means you must 'show up' EVERYDAY!The world, the universe, your family, community need you to be GREAT! They already have enough ordinary.Expectation!Meeting expectations is not being great, it is being ordinary. Exceeding expectation or failure to meet expectations create...
The 2008 housing crisis, created by Bank of America, took everyone by surprise. Houses and real estate had always been sound investments, with prices almost guaranteed to go up. Then, suddenly, the housing bubble burst, and without warning, prices hit rock bottom-plunging a lot of hardworking peo...
Do you have a "Pamela?"I think we all do at least know one, and those who are not in solo operations would love to find one.A "Pamela" is a true go-getter – the kind of person who tries harder than everyone else – who never says "That's not my job," and is always looking for new opportunities.Mos...
The  point hard to recognize is they are CONNECTED to their community. They are engaged in more humanity than the rest of us....perhaps.Here is what is hard for us old folk to understand and possibly incapable of grasping. I will be cryptically brief which will mean no one will understand.This ph...

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